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I have a HP laserJet6L and Iam using it on my laptop, laptop does not have a parallel port I used I usb to paralell interface so I coule use it.For months i was ablle to use my laserJet 6L with no problem together with my deskJest which has a USB port.When I formated my Laptop it seems that I could not make my LaserJet 6L to work again I have tried all the things which I did when I installed it before.Last night when I was working on it again to work I made a Note pad test print, it did not print but to my suprice the nextday I saw a light on my printing the data and power lights were on meaning that there ia a data ready so a pushed the power light and it printed the test print that i made in notepad. I made another test but there is a message on the printer icon that the printer is out of paper even it the tray is havibg enough paper. Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Wow! A 6L. Most of those are gone now.
    Did your USB to Parallel Adapter have software that came with it? Did you reload that software?
    Does the 6L print a self test page properly without being connected to the laptop?

    HP LaserJet 6L printer
    1. Make sure that the Ready (bottom) light is on and all other lights are off. If the printer is in sleep
    mode, bring it to a Ready state by briefly pressing and releasing the Front Panel button.
    2. Briefly press and release the Front Panel button.
    The Data (middle) light will come on and the Ready light will blink. The Self-Test page will print.
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