bottle necking e6600 with 2 8800gtx in sli?

I've heard that the 8800gtx can be bottlenecked by the cpu. I currently run an e6600 @ 2.4 ghz with a single 8800gtx, and it seems to work fine. Question is, do you think adding a second 8800gtx would cause a bottle neck at my cpu?
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  1. first of all what resolution do you play at anything less then 1920x1200 it's nnot worth 2x gtxes. e6600 to 3.2 (easily done) will keep up with 2x gtxes fine.
  2. I actually have a 24 inch dell monitor on order, so ill be playing at the 1920 x 1200 reso, the reason for thinking of adding a second vid card.

    I have read alot of posts saying how easy it is to overclock the 6600 to 3.0/3.2 ghz, it's just that ive never done an overclock before and im kinda scared of it lol. Would I see a big performance boost in fps in a game like crysis with the cpu overclock?

    Guess I really need to just step up and tune my system. Currently I run the 6600 @ 2.4 ghz, 4gb corsair 8500c5 dominator ram @ 1066, 680i mobo, with vista 64. From the article's and posts ive read, the proper tune would be cpu @ 3.2 ghz, and ram @ 800 mhz.. then i would just have to figure the correct ram timmings after that.
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