Gaming RAID-0, worth it?

I'm designing a new gaming rig and I'm wondering if it's worth it to do RAID at all. like a lot of set ups I was thinking of having a smaller, 10K RPM drive for the OS and swapfile and frequently used apps, and a bigger drive for most of my game data. Am I really going to see much of an improvement by doing RAID-0 with a 2nd disk for either of these?
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  1. Games will load faster, but you shouldn't see much difference in FPS. You also have to consider the fact that RAID arrays aren't always portable (ie: if you put the same 2 drives on another RAID controller, it might not recognize it) and if any of the 2 drive fail, you loose ALL.
  2. Totaly NOT worth it

    I have used Raid0 for about 1 year. You will see MUCH more improvement if you get a Raptor drive, or just go for the 1TB drive (Samsung Spinpoing F1 is the fastest now). Raid 0 is pain in the ass. Too much trouble, it gets extremely slow if its even a little fragmented (so you need to defragment it EVERY week at least). Copy from Raid0 to same drive is SLOWER than copy from 1hdd to the same. Speed increase is in the margin of the error , almost not at all. Current applications and Win environment is totaly constrained by the seek time at this point not drives max read/write.

    Raid0 will be suitable only for Image/Video editors which use single BIG files that will get some boost of the Raid0 faster read.

    Simply said :)
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