Best gaming mouse?

Just a general question as to what is the best gaming mouse to buy?

I currently have an mx510 and have been looking at the g5 g7 g9 and mx1000. Been looking at all the reviews, but cant seem to find any articles that compare them all. Also what about other brands, are they any good?

Mostly play FPS so it would need to be a smooth mover and have lots of programmable buttons. Any help and advice on this would be appreciated.
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  1. theyre was a test somewhere with the MX518 and G5
    where the MX 518 came out as best mouse

    so i am buying that one .. :)

    cheaper to hehe

  2. Look no further than Razer. I have the Razer Copperhead and I absolutely love it. Razer by far makes the best gaming peripherals. Plus, they're soon releasing a new mouse, the Lachesis. Now I have to justify spending the money for a new one... :-)

    One word of warning, though. If you're one of those people who likes hand mice (think Logitech) over finger mice, don't get a Razer. Razer's are for true gamers who want the added speed and precision granted by finger mice. Some people find finger mice uncomfortable, but I prefer my Razer to my Logitech even for desktop applications.
  3. sorry, but based on reviews Loitech beats out Razer, but in either case I say go with wither the G5 or the G7 because I have used those and a MX518s for a while and I liked how the G series was laser and allowed me to play without jumpiness on any surface
  4. as a reply on siriysstarr

    razor's mice are nice and they are fast etc
    the only problem they also have is that the materials are to delicate
    they tend to brake easy - logitech mice don't

    they are equally fast atleast

    so i am staying with logi ;)
  5. Go 4 G5 or G7. I have a G5 and i love it. It's very resistant. Survived after trowing it couple of times at the wall and still works great!
    Cheers m8!
  6. I loves me G5.
    I wonder if anyone has a it MUCH better? or an incremental innovation?
  7. How big are your hands? I have a Razor Copperhead, mx518, saitek gm3200 and a G5. I have large hands and the Razor is really uncomfortable for me, but it is a really good mouse. The gm3200 is bigger and is good, but I can't seem to get away from my G5. I had a G7 but took it back for my G5. I was having interference from something, plus I hate wireless mice for gaming. Logitech has the G9 that is up to 3200dpi, but it is pretty expensive. It does have some nice features like a switchable body. One for finger type control, and a wider one for palm. Hope that helps a little. :sol:
  8. I bought the microsoft Habu... borrows the hardware from razer, but puts it into a more comftorable casing.
  9. FWIW, I've never read a good review on wireless gaming mice. They often have problems with interference, etc. and why pay extra?

    I have a G5 and love it. It floats well, has adjustable weight and is super accurate without jumping. Changing dpi works perfect and is adjustable up to like 3000 dpi using the included software. However, there aren't a lot of extra buttons. The extra thumb button is the only extra over a standard mouse. Mine has the wacky tilting scroll button that isn't recognized even by logitech's software.

    I've tried a razer and a wolf king besides and strongly dislike either one. Neither was comfortable (I've got beefy hands) and the wolf king wasn't nearly as accurate.
  10. right, i go through mouse like fire throu Vietnam (using napalm). ive used the G5 and various Razors. but the best yet ive used is from good o'l bill. it actually Razors new mouse the but the HAbu has been re branded by Microsoft. it really replaces the deathadder and diamond back. it is very precise looks ace, there arnt many out yet so you would like like a drone with it. its comfortable and i have quite big hands

    the things not to go for are anything wireless, they are more trouble than they are worth. i think you should avoid them unless its HTPC your after. and (excluding sound card as they are bliss) stay away from anything fatal1ty branded, he maybe good at quake but he just stuck his name to the profits
  11. Personally id go with the G5 or G9 ... i own a G5 and love it and have been thinking about buying a G9 although im going to wait and see if they have a 2nd revision or update as with the early G5's they had mouse wheel click issues (mine seems to be effected with this and is my only complaint with it) but they resolved in the revision. G7 is wireless and would touch it as far as i can throw it. Havent had much experience with Razor although from what ive tried and heard they are smaller and can be more uncomfortable than the logitechs.
  12. i have had a G5 for the past year and i absolutely love it. my only beef with it was the lack of two side buttons and low and behold, the refresh earlier this year solved that problem, it is literally the mouse God would use if He was a gamer...but he prefers yahtzee, go figure.

    I recently was gifted a G9 and i dont like it nearly as much. while it is a bit more wide than the 5 it is much much i mean a little but when it comes to your palm it feels like a mile. i will admit that it took me a few weeks to get used to the G5 so i will give my G9 a fair shake but as of now, i absolutely hate it out of the box. the wide grip is too slippery for my marathon sessions and the dry-grip precision grip is a little too narrow for me. i dont like how you have to take the grip off to access the weights and i dont like that its only 4 slots for the weights unlike the G5 that has 9 slots so you can weight it progressively forward or back (or down the middle as i do).

    oh and i can't stand razor's...the dont fit the hand well, i dont like the weak, cheap feel of the mouse buttons and they are asthetically ugly to me.
  13. A mouse is a mouse is a mouse....I still pwn with my standard Microsoft comfort mouse. No need for fancy gimmicks, know your keyboard.
  14. I love my Razer Diamondback and have a Lachesis pre-ordered, couple it with the Razer eXactmat and eXact rest and you'll have an awesome (if somewhat oversized) combination :)
  15. I play Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Counterstrike among other games. I'm consistently in the top 300 out of 15k players and when I play a lot I'll be in the top 100 or better. The guys I know who are always better than me mostly use the MX518 as do I. I am currently usint the Razer DeathAdder as my 518 is on its way to Logitech for warranty repair. I like them both but the 518 is better. No matter how much I fiddle with the adjustments I still cant get The Razer to perform as well as the 518.
  16. Really in the end it all comes down to personal preference... like someone said above, if you use your fingers for control, grab a Razer Lachesis when it comes out (4000 dpi with 1ms response time is pretty amazing), although if you control more with your palm, a Logitech is the better option. Regardless of what everyones preference is, everyone agrees that wireless is bad
  17. it is up to you, if you don't want to spend time to get used to it or have a big hand -> G5
    Razer mouses are smaller and delicate, if you've a hand for them and you are 'careful', then these are pretty good too.
  18. I like my G5 enough that I bought a second one. Contrary to what KekaiGenkai posted, I had no trouble setting the tilting scroll wheel to "Target Next" and "Target Previous" just for Guild Wars, as opposed to "Forward" and "Back" when browsing. This is, for me, its best feature. I tried a Razer, and found the side buttons way too awkward for this use.
  19. stabgotham said:
    A mouse is a mouse is a mouse....I still pwn with my standard Microsoft comfort mouse. No need for fancy gimmicks, know your keyboard.

    I used to think this was the truth, until I purchased a G5 v2. It took a bit of tinkering to get the weights right, but once I did, my game improved dramatically. I am a finger mouse person, and previously used a lightweight logitech mouse, but found that a slightly heavier weight balance on the G5 improved my accuracy, and helped cut down on twitch movements when someone popped out at me.

    There is something about having a mouse weighted properly to match your hand/finger strength so when your brain says 'point it here' your hand does it perfectly. Headshot after headshot.

    When I have a heavy gaming session over a weekend, it is hard to go back to my crappy mouse at just isn't accurate.

    Get a G5. Spend some time trying out different combinations of weight. If it feels light, add just a bit more. If it feels like you're having to 'push' it, and will tire out your wrist, take a bit out. When you get it perfect, you'll know, and you won't go back to anything else.
  20. I love the MX 518 however the newest mouse from Logitech the G9 is supposed to be absolutely amazing. The G5 is also a good mouse, however i prefer my MX 518
  21. Thanks for all the input guys. I have to say "wow" i was only expecting a few replies! Think i'll stick with a wired mouse rather than wireless, but when is the lachesis coming out? If it's not too long i might hold out for some reviews on that before making my decision. Thanks again! :D
  22. Clortho said:
    Just a general question as to what is the best gaming mouse to buy?

    I currently have an mx510 and have been looking at the g5 g7 g9 and mx1000. Been looking at all the reviews, but cant seem to find any articles that compare them all. Also what about other brands, are they any good?

    Mostly play FPS so it would need to be a smooth mover and have lots of programmable buttons. Any help and advice on this would be appreciated.

    Microsoft Habu or Razer DeathAdder
  23. I'm getting rather fond of my Creative Fatal1ty 20200 lazer mouse (up to 2700 dpi! in tests.. works both finger and palming (in my hands) Includes added weights..
    Nickle Knackers
  24. Nice 3d image of the new logitech here..,en

    The latest I read is that the original optical mice are actually superior to the lazer versions in many respects - We're seeing a return to optical gaming mice (or mouses) now..
    Iron Nads
  25. I wonder if anyone could suggest a good gaming mouse for me? I have very small hands and I prefer the palm type of mouse. I currently have a MS wireless optical and I hate it because of the size, plus the left button only works intermittently -despite trying all the troubleshooting tips and re-installing the software. ~Suzie
  26. Damn i want a G9(or another MX518, i am kind of skeptical of laser...some seem to not like even a little bump in my mouse pad).....just set my usb speed to 500(from 125) and the 518 is sooooo smooth in games, but i cant borrow it from my girl friends computer forever... :)

    Should have got 2 when they where on for $19
  27. original microsoft intellimouse 3.0, or mx518 or just keep urs 510, its still top of the line.
  28. Just to keep you updated, i bought a razer lachesis. It seems a great mouse so far, defo a left and right hander. Seems very customisable although it has a problem. When its plugged in my pc wont post. When you unplug it (USB) it posts! Once you let the PC boot in to windows and then plug it in it works fine. Wierd eh? Any ideas?
  29. check to make sure you have the latest bios...and try with legacy usb on and off...see if there is a change....
  30. g7 or 9 love the hotswap batt
  31. I have a Razer DeathAdder and it is great!
  32. The Logitech MX518 is a great mouse. It has eight buttons.

    I need a second thumb on my right hand. lol
  33. All the top gaming mice from Logitech, Razer, and Microsoft are excellent. From a price perspective, the Logitech G5 is a winner. If I were you, I would buy the G5 2nd Revision, with two thumb buttons.
  34. go for the G7 :love: , i own one and i have no problems with it at all. its the perfect mouse
    its wireless and comes with 2 batteries (1 in the mouse, 1 charging) and it has a USB dongle so if you go to lan parties you can just take the mouse and the dongle without having to take the whole system :)
  35. Flashed the updated bios and the mouse now works, although i cant get the same OC i used to!!! Grrrrrrr! Damn you ASUS!!!
  36. damn u asus indeed :(
  37. What about Logitech G3? No one mentions it? Personally I want to buy MX518 but already discontinued, G5 is too expensive for me. So, it left me only G3.
  38. I went from a Cordless Freedom Pro mouse (logitech) to a G7 mouse. I've noticed better precision and better movement overall. The G7 has pretty good balance and good overall feel. I've not had any issue with interference, but the batteries tend to get used up quickly. The one thing that I still notice between a corded mouse and a cordless mouse is that the corded mouse still feels a bit sharper, that is to say a tad bit less latency between physically moving the mouse and watching the cursor move.
  39. Liswara, Newegg has the mx518 on sale....
  40. I have a new G5, my only complaint with it is that the mouse wheel is difficult to click down, especially when web browsing.

    Also I wish I had gone for the 9 button mouse... just have the standard 7 button or whatever.
  41. This is the one I use:
    I know it is kind of strange, but it has little steel balls for feet and if you get the mouse pad they sell, it is nearly frictionless. I've had mine for a year and it has been great. The thing I like the most about it though is the customization. Not to mention all the macros you can program into the buttons.
  42. i love dis rat :pt1cable:

    its a really nice mouse and its cheap. :sol:
  43. The Razer DeathAdder is great. I had a G5 but the size was too small for my hands. I didn't like the various other Razers either. Personally, i wouldn't pay more than $50 for a mouse (got my $40 DA@best buy). Some people say they like wireless mice, but i couldn't get used to the lag, even though it was minimal. The most important thing is to find a mouse that suits your style of grip. I grip with my palm and ended up liking the somewhat bulky DeathAdder alot.
  44. i lke the G5.
    i had 2 wireless mice before this and the mx600 that came in the mx3000 wireless keyboard/mouse kit was a good gaming mouse, battery life was good and i noticed no latency. the on-the-fly resolution change is asome and i have the weights almost maxed.
    do not buy a g7. the rechargables are crap.
  45. But I live in South East Asia and Newegg doesn't services the purchases of my country :(
  46. mpkonig said:
    Liswara, Newegg has the mx518 on sale....

    But I live in South East Asia and Newegg doesn't services the purchases of my country :(

    Sorry, double post :p
  47. I found this list on google

    I personally like the microsoft intelli and most of the great counter stike pros use this mouse as well
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