I have to reinstall Google Chrome almost every 24 hours?

Hello there, I've had a very strange problem. I've used Google Chrome since it launched but just 4 days ago I started having a strange problem. Every morning when I boot up my computer, I either get "aw snap" on any and EVERY page I open (including bookmark manager and settings) OR Google Chrome crashes upon launch. But as soon as I reinstall it, it works totally fine until the next morning. It has nothing to do with having the computer off and then turning it back on. I rebooted several times yesterday and Chrome worked fine. This is very confusing to me. Any ideas at what might be happening?
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  1. did you mess with your startup settings? maybe you disabled a service that google chrome uses.
  2. No, didn't mess with anything. I run glary utilities which disables some startup entries... But I've always used glary.
  3. Anyone? I turned on my computer at 5 this morning and Chrome opened properly. I rebooted my computer at around 10, low and behold, Google Chrome crashed on launch no matter what,
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