First Post: 680i (NB and SB Temps....what's hot?)

So what's the easiest way to get these temps accurately.

What are everyone's numbers (not necessarily just 680i owners...I'm sure other chipset info is at least somewhat relevant).

My main reason for asking is because I've had my system stable with a pretty high FSB (like 1750 i think)...but I could never decide if I trusted the software I was using to tell me accurate temps.

I'd love to run my FSB & RAM 1800/900 for 2:1 :bounce:
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  1. use thermometer is the only way to measure correct temp, never trust the software.
  2. So if I get a digital thermometer(the point and shoot kind)....where do I meter...It's not like there isn't a big heatsink and fan sitting right on top of the mofo

    Just kinda have to move it around and see?
  3. Use the highest value recorded.
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