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For some reason, I suddenly can't go to with ANY web browser. I've tried IE and Firefox and it just times out and never connects. Google is LITERALLY the only website that doesn't work right. I checked and it says Google is up, I can go to my Gmail just fine and I'm logged into my Google toolbar but if I try to use the search bar, navigate to Google or anything I just flat out CAN'T. This is a serious problem as I inevitably use Google at least once a day, but I haven't the foggiest idea why this is happening. I haven't changed a thing since the last time I went to Google. Same firewall and antivirus (Comodo + Avast - neither recently updated either). No new software, no new network hardware or settings, standard wired connection.

What gives? I can get the whole internet not working or a domain being down, but this is unacceptable - why are all my web browsers refusing to go to I checked on my Galaxy SII and I can go to Google just fine using wireless on the same network. Clearly it's something at my PC end but I fail to see what or why - can anyone help?

UPDATE: Ok...for some reason it works now again. I'm still curious as to what could've caused this issue and how it resolved itself. I was about to reboot the computer and checked once more and it was fine.
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  1. It might have been a temporary DNS issue.
  2. I was curious if that could've been the case, I did clear my DNS through the command prompt but it didn't immediately work after that so I assumed it didn't resolve it. Either way it's fine now, but was rather strange.
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    Likely your ISP's DNS server.
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