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I have the Ausus M2N 832 SLI Vista Premium (AM2). I see my options for cooling the chipset is somewhat limited. I am using air cooling. What are a few good options for cooling? The chipsets are fairly hot to the touch.
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  1. Do your north/south chipsets have individual heatsinks on them, or do they have the newer Asus heatpipe-across-your-motherboard coolers?

    If they are individuals, they can be easily replaced by chipset coolers from a place like They have quite an assortment of cooling for 2 pin, 4 pin or hook-retained chipset coolers. Even if you have the heatpipe solutions, you could still remove the entire thing (I would rather find a small fan to blow across these, though) and attach separate chipset coolers. I know that the northbridge does typically get hot, so make sure your replacements are seated properly.
  2. Did it not come with those Asus fans that clip to the heatsinks?

    I agree with you, keep the heatpiped solution, add some small diameter fans to blow across the heatsinks. Other than that, mount your entire rig inside of a standard house box-fan.

  3. Yes it came with the Q fan, but the directions tell you to only use with passive or water cooling, and mention something about interfering with CPU airflow and instability. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
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