Intel Q6600 PID Discrepancy?

Hello all I'm new to Tom's forum and would like to take a moment to say that it's great to be here.
Ok so on to my question.

I just bought an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 about a month ago. I'm very satisfied with every aspect
of this chip.After doing months of research and reading reviews I am happy to find that this Processor
lives up to the hype of being an all around great performer.So when reading about the possibility of a
slight increase in performance and\or lower power consumption with the new G0 revisions I figured I
would try to grab one for my new build.I purchased and OEM version from the Tiger Direct outlet near
my house.On the back of the chip is imprinted SLACR which from what I've read is supposed to mark the
new G0 revision.When I first fired up CPU-Z it read G0.Ok cool, just what I was expecting right?.Checking
with the Intel PID utility it says B3.Hmmm..Thats weird. So I tried Crystal CPUID and it also reads B3.
Well one more try with Everest's CPUID and it reads G0.Core temp doesn't even display a revision which is
strange.Just updated to the newest P31 BIOS for my board and all programs are up to date too.
Not that the revision matters much because this thing overclocks like a champ and I'm really happy with it.
However I'm still curious to know if anyone has had anything similar happen to them with an Intel or AMD?
Here's a screen shot to go with it. Hopefully I'm Not missing something obvious :)

Thanks for any input you might have.

Intel Processor Finder (SLACR)
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  1. Wow. What are you using to get it to clock at 3.9GHz and only hit 44c?

    As for you stepping, I don't like to buy OEM models of CPUs. But you know whats funny? I just decided to download and run Intels CPUID on my machine and even though I got a CPU in the box that had SLACR on it and CPU-Z states it is a G0 Intels states it is a B3.

    I wounder if its their software. Or maybe its the other software. I guess I will e-mail Intel and ask them why its shwoing B3 on theirs and G0 on CPU-Z.
  2. #1 tiger sucks they scam with all those rebates and i would not be below tiger to "wink wink" and buy some rebadged processors and say its the supplier

    i think its legit chip - it may be a mix chip a chip made in the change over. the only way is to get a boxed chip and run the same tests - see if a friend will

    emailing intel maybe worth while? if they even respond make a new thread i think what you found is important

    buying oem chips from tiger is a mistake unless they are really really a good deal to save $10 always get the boxed chips - you know they a are legit and not rejects from digital storm or another overclckcocking seller
  3. I did get a boxed cip and got the same results. I would post a screen but I hate imageshack or whatever. I already e-mailed Intel and will check for a response on that. Might be nothing but better safe than sorry.
  4. No Way you are running a B3 at those speeds.
    You have yourself a GO :>

    Most likely the utils misreading as B3 where just not updated properly for some reason to detect G0.
  5. 1st Reply about the low temps.

    I put together a custom WC kit from Danger Den that works great.

    2nd Reply about T.D.

    Yeah Tiger Direct blows, I've come to the same conclusion as you with the rebates and dishonest practices.Their mailers are full of misprints and the fine print is a little to fine.I bought $1200 worth of components only to get home and find that the rebates had expired already.Also the smug S.O.B. that works behind the counter told me they don't sell retail CPU's or HD's anymore only to find out that they do indeed still sell them.F**KERS! So instead of complain to them they just won't get my (or people I would have referred) business.

    Yeah I think it's important too.Thanks for the help guys.
  6. OEM = OheMy!
    no buy!
    Oh well, it is still a great processor, if you keep it cool and your case's inside clean it will be fine.
  7. I got a auto-response ut it didn't answer the question so I decided to escalate it to a Rep and am waiting for a response.

    To tell you the truth I think they are G0. You are running yours at ungodly speeds that a B3 would have a hard time reaching and mine is freaking cool as hell at 2.7GHz. Barely gets to 34c idle.
  8. Yeah I would have to agree with you. This thing just stays so cool.
  9. Seeing that is making me want to buy a new Q6600 just for G0, I got my hands on a B3 about 2 months ago fairly cheap, and I have managed to push it to 3.6 GHz but any more and it hits 65 in heavy load... and that's not allowed in my system, in the summer ambient temperatures in my bedroom frequently hit 40 degrees C...
  10. This chip performed very poorly with a Zalman air cooler. Idle was around 52c. I reseated and reapplied thermal compound twice with no change in temps. That had me thinking it might be a B3. After I installed a WC system the temps are absurdly low. That only confused me further as to what stepping it is.
  11. You have an older version of the Intel processor check program , please download the newest latest one , this will then report your G0 cpu ,

    Water cools 10 -15c better than air , (sometimes more) you are doing very well at 3.9Ghz!!.
  12. I am using the current version. It's ver. 3.7.2007.0907

    It can be found here.
  13. I don't know why you Zalman cooler let you down Mr Roboto cuz my CPNS9700 (w/blue LEDs) is awesome. Even for an old P4EE 3.4GHz Northwood it keeps it around 34c.

    Anywho, back on topic. I finally recieved a reply from an Intel rep and they stated that the CPUID program doesn't report what stepping it is but what revision it is. So CPU-Z is reporting the revision as G0 where as it is really a B3 revision with a G0 stepping.

    Kinda confusing but it kinda makes sense since there is a lot of different parts to the CPU such as model, version, revision and stepping if not more.

    So I guess that CPU-Z needs to update the part that states revision with stepping. So I guess we do have G0. I think that you running a Q6600 @ 3.9GHz on w/c and its at 42-44c that has to be go.

    BTW if you look at CPU-Z it shows Family: 6 Model: F Stepping: B and the CPUID string is 06FBh for the G0 stepping and the B3 stepping is 06F7h so yea we have G0 steppings. I saw this on the Intel website and figured it out so thought it might be helpful.

    Either way you can sleep easy tonight knowing that you have a Core 2 Q6600 G0. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks Smitty. I figured that was the case because of the performance of this processor.

    On another note, I managed to get this baby really hoppin at 4.0Ghz (Stable) and am still trying to push it harder. I'll be updating any progress at a different thread. Check it out here Q6600 @4.0Ghz
  15. Fascinating thread. Thanks boys!
  16. I just looked at CPU-Z again and noticed they have the stepping and revision mixed up. It is revision B, stepping G0 but it states that it is revision G0 stepping B. Hopefully this thread will help keep people calm and notified too.
  17. Here's an update to this thread. The statement below is from Intel's PID Utility known issues page.

    Intel® Processor Identification Utility

    CPU Stepping field result is different than expected

    The Intel® Processor Identification Utility
    contains a field on the CPUID Data tab that reports the CPU Stepping
    information for the tested processor. This field is part of the CPUID
    string, and reports the actual manufacturing stepping value of the
    processor in hexadecimal form.

    The CPU Stepping value is not synonymous with Core Stepping, as reported in other locations such as the Processor Spec Finder website and specification updates. The Intel Processor Identification Utility does not report Core Stepping values.

    The Processor Spec Finder website provides both CPU Stepping and Core Stepping information for each processor sSpec referenced.

    This applies to:

    Intel® Processor Identification Utility
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