P5N32-E SLI Plus, doh can u help?

I have a P5N32-E SLI Plus, and realize that it says "SLI Plus" in the name, but of course too late, and dont have the time to rebuilt/reinstall...so the stupid questions goes..i have 2 pcie 16x slots, along with a 8x pcie slot, if i put a nvidia vid card in one slot x16 and a ati one in either x16 or x8 other slots, when xp boots i get bsod, no i'am not trying to do sli, or crossfire, i just want to vid cards in...i have my reasons. Why is this happening>? because the mb has sli in it name, it that all it can do?


what i'am trying to find out is that b/c the mb has the name sli in it, the pce slot would only use sli if nothing else. I wanted to use more then two mointors that why, and the way my vnidia card display video on my sdtv is crap ( as home theater) , so i have to get an ati card to display my video correctly on my sdtv, but i wanted to use the nvidia card also, btw in my bios i have two option use forceware ex driver (disable/enable) - what is this for and could this be an option for my issue? & the other is sli memory (disable/enable) - hat is this for and could this be an option for my issue?
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  1. Did you set the motherboard to SLI mode or normal mode?
    What happens with only the nvidia card installed?
    What happens with only the ATI card installed?
    SLI is just a special mode and doesn't mean you can only run cards in SLI mode. Don't worry about the SLI memory setting. However, trying to run both ATI and nVidia cards in the same system may cause problems (as opposed to 2 ATI cards or 2 nVidia cards).
  2. SLI Setting in bios i'am guessing, what would it be called, how about SLI Broadcast Aperture??
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