is the Thermalright HR-03 GT worth it for the 8800gts 512??

here is the link to it

im planning to oc my 8800gts 512mb and i thought this might be a good deal, especially considering it is on sale slightly. Any suggestions as to if i should get it or not??
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  1. I don't have an 8800GTS 512, but I do have that cooler (lapped even :D ) on my 8800GTX and I can tell you that I got almost no headroom overclocking. of course this isn't a fair comparison as the 8800GTS uses a single slot cooler and my 8800GTX had a double slot cooler. I leave the decision up to you but I can tell you that my 8800GTX is much quieter now. Load temp is 53c idles at 44c. DeltaT is ~10c according to rivatuner (probably not correct DeltaT but, whatever)
  2. gt is single slot gts512 is 2 slot. at 60% fan speed mine idles at 40c and im not sure on the load lol...

    what were your temps before adding the heatsink?? and what fan are you using?

    also how well do the ram sinks attach>?? are they fairly loose or are they secure?
  3. They're fairly secure, I assume you worry about them falling off. They will not. Load and idle before and after:

    Before (ambient ~27c)
    Load: ~75c
    idle: 55c

    Load: 63c
    Idle: 51c

    Keep in mind this was with some crappy SilenX brand fan that had almost no static pressure. Well, i replaced that with a Zalman ZM-F3 (great fan, for a great price, sleeve bearing though :() and lapped my heatsink and they are now:

    Load: 53c
    Idle: 44c
    Thermal paste = MX-2

    With an ambient of about 23c (its colder in my dorm). It was my first lapping attempt so i might not have done perfect on it, might fix that when I get my lapping kit next month :D, I'll try and take pics too.
  4. very nice!!
  5. dont know about GTS temps, be surprised if stock is higher than GT,
    these things are fantastic, my stock was 53/85,
    got a 92mm zaward led golf fan on mine & temps are 35/46.
    overclocked now to 700/1750/950
  6. I've OC'd mine over 800 MHz core on the stock cooler without breaking 60C. It's not worth it.

    I use 60% fan speed and liek a 780-800 MHz core without artifacts.
  7. Its worth it for a GT though :D

    That cooler is so loud
  8. the GTS does have a better heatsink/fan but the GT is terrible, dead loud fan & even on 100% the temps still get quite high!
    i've got one on mine & dont regret it for a second!
    Overclocking potential & great temps.
    what more can you say
  9. O I just noticed it, is it that good??

    Im still considering one. That stupid 8800GT fan is soo loud
  10. YES, they really are that good! :bounce:
  11. Do you guys order the HR03GT w/ fan or no? I wonder if it makes a big difference on the temp. Thanks.
  12. With the fan if you want to OC. I highly doubt you can OC at all without the fan, unless you have a case fan blowing on it.
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