Help me….my hard disk is damaged!!!

Hi everyone , I am employed as a manager in a firm. I have a problem that I had like to talk about. My system was working fine the other day, but while copying a file by nero….the system hanged and I had to restart it. But I got a disk boot failure error. Then , I tried to run a windows xp installation CD, but that is also showing some error message during installation and the installation fails.I did check the bios settings and the disk fails to show…and had it checked on another system also…but bios cannot detect the hard disk.I think the disk is damaged or something like that.The disk has important data from my company’s point of view…..that I need to recover.
Please let me know if there are any ways to get my data back from this disk!!!!
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  1. thats where back up become a worthy $$$ method

    i am afraid that you cant do anything tell you get you hard disk detected in the bios then the other issues maybe solved
    first try to make it detected in bios
    if you company willing to pay for the data they can send it to some sevice center somethink like this but am not sure about them
  2. Resetting could cause a faulty drive to fail. The data probably is not significantly damaged, mechanics probably is. Is your hd old? If you can get it detected in bios, you can correct the file system errors by running scandisc from a boot cd such as Hiren's Boot CD.
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