Possible to add case fan without screw?

hey guys, I currently have the aspire xplorer case

By the video card is a grill, which i guess is for cold air to come in. Is it possible to add a fan here even though there are no screws to mount a 80mm fan? thanks
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  1. The grill is for air to exit, if the case is properly set up.

    Maybe some contact cement??? (Personaly, I'd just get out a drill, mark the holes and use some machine screws / nuts / washers...)
  2. Yeah, line it up with the holes on the vent and use machine screws, nuts and washers. If you have to, drill the case as croc said. Skip the contact cement.
  3. If you weren't willing to drill holes in your case, you could use some small cable ties.... but be warned, it would probably make a racket!
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