P5W CPU fan speed higher than needed

I just upgraded my E6600 to a 6750 (see related thread) on a P5W DH Deluxe. I'm not OCing the CPU, and the BIOS temp sensor shows the CPU at a cool 29C. But the CPU fan - stock Intel one from the retail kit - is reporting at just under 2000RPM. I didn't note the speed of the old CPU/fan combo, but that was silent and this one isn't.

It actually powers up quietly and them spins up at the same time as it POSTs the RAM size. I've tried the various BIOS settings, AI Quiet -> Enabled; Q-Fan Silent Mode, etc. There's no temp reason for it to be as fast as it is and it was quiet before the upgrade. Any ideas? I'm on BIOS 2302. Also, I'm using the new CPU's fan (and I checked my connection to the right fan header :-)

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  1. Was the only thing you changed the CPU?
  2. Yes, just swapped one Intel CPU/HSF combo for another.

    I've tried manually underclocking it to get the FSB slower than it was before, and that doesn't help either.
  3. That's odd.
  4. I just went back to the old HSF (same model fan and everything, according to the sticker) and it's much quieter, though not as quiet as it was with the old CPU - but that's reasonable since the new one is legitimately faster with the same architecture.

    Still, it would be nice if I could tell the system that I'd be willing to go from 29C to 35C for 3000 RPM or whatever it would save.
  5. Ardub, if you install SpeedFan, then you will have control over your fan speed. SpeeddFan 4.33: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

    Comp :sol:
  6. Thanks, I guess I'll give SpeedFan another shot for a while - when I adjust the CPU fan to 80% which seems right acoustically (and the CPU is at 28C) the monitored RPM drops to 0 from around 1300 at one notch higher. Since it's not measuring correctly, I'm leery of letting it do the adjustments to keep things cool.
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