Problem with external HDD!

I have a Toshiba 30GB external HDD that isn't detected.
When I connect it under an OS (i.e. XP,Vista...), it cannot be detected properly and on system POST message the model is recognized but it cannot boot up from that HDD and no OS installation detects it as well.
I have tried both master and slave configurations and one-HDD connected but no change!

Thnx :heink:
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  1. Is the drive USB, Firewire, eSATA?
    Does your motherboard support booting from usb/firewire?
    Have you tried another computer to see what happens?
  2. Has it been partitioned and formatted?
    Has an OS been installed?
    Is this the same External drive as your other post?
  3. If its USB. check for a jumper setting called single. USB drives tend to only work in master or in some cases single(mostly WDC, but worth a shot). Also power the drive up first so its spun up when connected

    Try removing all jumpers.

    If its internal, change the cable

    If its E-SATA, make sure the port is set in AHCI(for hot plugging)
  4. to sturm: I have tried different systems.Anyway, my system supports USB,firewire,SATA,PATA and ... and booting from them. it's USB.In fact, I had said that it can not be detected even under "XP","VISTA" so it's not "support for BOOTING FROM" problem.

    to nukemaster: I said that I have tried all "SLAVE", "MASTER"(which means no jumpers) and "One-HDD"??!

    to MrLinux:
    Previously yes, but since the "problem" no, because it cannot be ACCESSED at all. I haven't posted anything else about an external "HDD"!!!

    Procedure: READ! >> Reply
  5. I misread the one drive part(my bad, wdc calls it single and its 100% needed for usb to work). can you extract the drive an install it into the computer(at least you can get any data off it then)? maybe the enclosure is dead or on its way out.
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