Virtualdub: Combining audio and video files in workflow.

I'm new to dealing with video editing. I'm a Unix guy and live at the command line doing enterprise-y stuff, so while I've been educating myself as much as possible (and boy is this topic a bottomless rabbit-hole!), I am still pretty much a newb.

I've done due diligence in trying to resolve my quandary, but after hours have come up with nothing and could use some insight and guidance.

Here is my workflow:

1) Record content with Dxtory using Lagarith codec and audio set to PCM or AC3.

2) Open file into Virtualdub.

3) "Save As AVI" in Virtualdub, compressing video with H.264.

At this point, Virtualdub produces two files. One video and one audio. I don't want this. I want to end up with a single combined file that I can archive, upload, etc. I can't figure out how to stitch these back together (and I assume it shouldn't be necessary; I should be able to do that all in one step, instead of incurring more steps and redundant actions in the process?).

I can not figure, for my life, how to end up with Virtualdub producing a self-contained H.264 file ready to archive or upload or whatever else I want.

I am just so baffled, now. I have found youtube tutorials, detailed forum discussions, guides... and yet they always stop at "and now click on SAVE AS AVI"... which just produces the separated files, like I mentioned!

As always, thanks for the time reading this and consideration of any response.
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  1. its probably best to compress with other software like sony vegas or some other editing software for example.. virtual dub is more designed for converting an image sequence into an avi file
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