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My name is Arvind. I currently reside in Bermuda. I am in the market to purchase a new PC.
I considered the option of buying parts in Bermuda and building the machine myself, but goods are simply over priced here and accordingly the pC would cost as much as buying a machine from Alienware.

I would like to customise a PC and purchase it and get it delivered to Bermuda. Currently the only options i have is Dell Bermuda, ALienware and AVADirect.
My problem with Dell Bermuda is that their choice of machines is limited and the upgrade options are also limited.
Alienware and AVADirect are quite simply very expensive.
Do you know of any dealers or peopele that may be able to help me?
I will pay the customs duty and delivery charges.
Please help.
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  1. Just a site for me to go check out or even if there are guys out there willing to build a rig for me and send it, obviously i will pay, i am willing to do business.
  2. I think the problem is likely only people that live in Bermuda would know where you could buy that would ship there. Another problem is export laws, e.g., I don't know if it's legal to build a computer in the US and ship it out of the country. The fact all the parts come from outside the US doesn't mean we don't have idiotic laws regarding exporting. I'd be careful sending a complete stranger money to build a computer, be tough to get it back if they decide just to keep the money. I think Bermuda used to be part of the British Commonwealth and the countries that were a part of this have certain privileges relative to other members but have no idea how this would affect importing computer parts but could look into it. If you could afford to travel to another country or know someone that will, could buy it and ship it back but again would depend of the export laws. Got to believe there are countries that aren't far from Bermuda where you could get the parts and ship them back but again, best to know who you're dealing with.
  3. Man,
    I have spoken to everyone here and they all say the same thing. You can not buy components here easily. The best thing to do is to go to America and buy your machine / parts.
    Anyway most of the people in this country are yuppies, as such they like buying things like macs, ibooks and laptops. So what would they know about PCs?
    Maybe you misunderstood me, my grammer can be bad at times.. Anyway what i was saying is that i was willing to buy a PC from a custom building computer company like cyberpowerpc but the problem (not from people in general. people can not be trusted, i learnt that when playing Unreal Tournament as a kid)
    Anyhow, i think Tiger Direct will sell to me here in Bermuda (I think they are reasonably trust worthy). So that is a relief. Now i need to plan the machine out. I am thinkiing of buying it in December 2007. So i shall wait before visiting these hallowed grounds for advice on my first custom built PC.
    Anyway thanks for the advice man..
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding, thought you were putting an open offer for someone to build a machine for you. Not sure if zipzoomfly or would ship to you. The latter is a bit pricey but if you want it built for you, they use good parts. While newegg likely won't ship out of the US, it's a good place to create wish lists of different builds. I live in a burb that's infested with yuppies so I feel your pain :) Good luck
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