infected with a Redirect virus, please help

Hey guys i having some real issues with a redirect virus that i just cant get rid of. Its called and its really annoying and bogging down my system and I need some help.

I have run Avast, spybot, and Malware bites but still nothing, the results turn up with no infection and i just dont know what to do. Has anyone else had to deal with this bastard of a virus before?
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  1. Did not work, scan found nothing
  2. backspacehacker said:
    Did not work, scan found nothing

    Did you ever solve this? I appear to have the same issue on my Win 7 PC.
  3. you will need to install your windows again.

    or try to search for online scanning ,, these sites will scan your computer on the internet without downloading the prog , and if it doesn't work so you should install windows.
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