Buy a 8800GT OC or wait for the new 8900 series or 9xxx series?

Im Wondering if i should buy an EVGA OC

or should i wait on the later modules to come in ......

I need to have a video card that will easily play these games at High to Ultra High (that would be great..)

HellGate London
Unreal Tournament
Call of Duty 4

Any Thoughts?

Also what about ATI's new cards coming out?
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  1. option #3: stop making threads like these. there are literally dozens already out there.
  2. As of right now I don't think there is any single card that can play crisis 'easily', but you mentioned high settings will do, right now(this very second in moment) I believe the 8800GT is your best bet..BUT do not pay any more than $250 for it. I got mine for $240 @ No its not as good as a GTX but thats when the price factor comes in, right now I think its the biggest bang for your buck. And as far as these OC version's go, just take the 5 minutes required to download a decent OC utility and do it yourself(sometimes the utility will try and find it for you) and save a few bucks.
  3. whats your current card
  4. Ok heres the deal, i know there are many fourms out there, but they dont get to the specific information on the latest hardware as well...

    Also I DONT have a video card at all in my current system...

    Any information would be great

    Also what about the New Ati cards? Any good news on them?
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