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I am buying a new PC and I want to get a TV Tuner card also. I have Time Warner cable with the HD box and am buying a Samsung 24"widescreen with PC. This is what I want to do I want to be able to watch cable on my pc while surfing or whatever but also be able to watch TV on my TV when I go to bed. Any info on this would work? If anyone does this what CPU do you have and how does it run on your PC?


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  1. It depends on the outputs on your cable box and if the PC and TV are located in the same room (or if you don't mind running cables throughout the home).

    If the PC and TV are in the same room and the cable box has multiple outputs (not taking into account hook up compatibility), then just run output 1 to the TV and output 2 to the PC.

    If the PC and TV are in the same room but the cable box only has one output, you will need a splitter (depending on the output connection) to split the signal between your PC and TV. Note: In both of these options, the cable box controls your channel selection. Your PC Tuner Card is set to display whatever signal is received from the cable box. In this situation, you wouldn't really need a TV Tuner Card; just a graphics card that accepts video in.

    If your PC and TV are in separate rooms and you're not too keen on running cables throughout the home, you have two options:

    1) Get a second cable box for the PC.
    2) Run a line directly from a wall cable outlet to the PC and use the TV Tuner Card for channel surfing.

    The problem with option two is that you will only receive those channels sent by your cable company that are not scrambled and only channels within the channel range of your TV Tuner Card (usually 1-125)

    Here's my experience:

    In my living room, I have my all-purpose rig with an ATI All-In-Wonder X1800XL along with my standard definition TV. I also have an Cable Internet Connection. I run a One-to-Four splitter from the wall outlet to:
    1) The Cable Modem
    2) The Cable Box
    3) The ATI All-In-Wonder TV Tuner card
    4) A cable pass-through to the bedroom wall outlet.

    This allows me to watch TV on either the Television (via the cable box) or on the PC (via the TV Tuner card) In either the living room on my all-purpose rig or the bedroom HTPC. The catch is, I currently receive around 80 various channels from channel 1 to channel 172 via the cable box. My TV Tuner cards can only receive channels from 1 to 125 (channels from 126-172 are lost to the PC). Also, of the channels from 1-125 that my TV Tuner Card could accept, not all of them are sent in the clear from my cable company. Channels like The Science Channel (channel 110) can only be descrambled by the cable box, so it and channels like it are lost to the PC. Again, to get those channels on your PC, you would insert the signal splitter between the cable box output and the output devices (TV/PC) instead of splitting before you get to the cable box.

    As for how it runs, I have an AMD X2-3800+ with 2 Gig of RAM and the afore-mentioned ATI All-In-Wonder X1800XL in the all-purpose rig and an Intel Core2Duo E6600 with 2 Gig of RAM, an AVerHDTV Card, and ATI HD2600 Pro in the HTPC. The video is slightly choppy and the audio timing is off on both rigs. This is most likely due to what else is running on the systems. I also have an issue where it seems the Video Record function is always on in the all-purpose rig which may be the cause of my issues.

    I hope this helps some.

    -Wolf sends
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