Gigabyte P35-DS3L and 64-bit

Hey guys........just built my system (no OS and GPU yet) and was wondering if anyone with the DS3L Rev. 2 was able to run 64-bit windows on it.....

I can't find drivers on the U.S site.......they're there for Rev. 1 but not Rev. 2......

But they are on the general website for Rev. 2 can I use those.
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  1. Should be no problems, but def. NOT BIOS. Drivers can be uninstalled. Corrupt BIOS can't.

    I think GB is replacing rev 1 with 2.
  2. It's highly unlikely the Drivers have changed.
    It's the same Intel Chipset and they likely have not change the NIC, Soundcard, etc.. etc.. etc....

    Most likely it's just tweaking the design in some minor ways that don't need a driver change.
  3. thanks guys
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