How Can i measure my NB Temp

hi all, been overclocking, and set my nb vol to max! wud really like to know how i can measure the temp so i know if i need better cooling for it, already has a heatsink on it, no fan. i have core temp and speed fan do either of these tell me the temp?

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  1. Not sure about Core Temp, SpeedFan might but doesn't show it to you obviously the program i use is 'HWMonitor'.
  2. If it's to hot to touch for a long time, ziptie a fan to it.
  3. cheers m8 gave that a shot, where a bit hot yeh, ordered some AS5 and a couple heatsinks for my NB and SB :)
  4. Why would you run NB volts at max?
  5. was struggling with my overclock and was trying different settings, its not longer at max lowered it too 1.393v :)
  6. IMO, over volting the NB would be a next to last resort for a really high OC.
  7. Yeh so i've learned, i've actually booted in2 windows at 3.6Ghz on my e6420 but cant get it stable. even tried 1.5vcore and still not stable. had the vdimm volts as high as i can get them, not higher than GEIL recommends though, and NB up2 1.563 but no dam joy.

    u think its safe to go over 1.5vcore?
  8. Yes!
  9. But no one else might. ::Grins.:: q6600 rated at 1.5000 volts. Cranked it to 1.81250, drooped in windows to 1.78, booted vista fine. I'm sure it would have been really stable had I wanted to test it with the cores idle at over 80... that would easily equal melt down. (Since 1.64 drooped to 1.56 fully loaded went from 58-60c idle to over 91c in 30 seconds under primes 4 core small ftts. ;) Going over 1.5 is safe if you pay attention to everything else as well, especially those temps!
    I am the new guy, and slightly crazy... listen to me at your computers risk! Hehehe, have fun!!

  10. Yeh think those temps are a bit too much for me m8, cant exactly afford to shell out for a new CPU each week lol dont really wanna b over 60C :)
  11. yeah he's right most people increase their vcore and get to a point where there are rounding errors that's when you know you need to take your vcore down and bring your north bridge up a couple.
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