Cannot find file: windows:\system32\mshtml.hlp file

I have XP PRO SP 3 with Outlook Express 6 on my computer.

A friend sent me some old pictures of Asia, and I right clicked on the picture and clicked on SAVE AS, but I get an error message saying: "cannot find mshtml.hlp" file on my system.

I tried the Microsoft support site and FIX-IT at the site download and ran an installer package called Microsoftfixit50191. I loaded the file and the tr9ied t0 save the photo again;but no change.

Can someone help please?

My Email is:
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  1. Hi G!

    Tks for the hint, I tried them all but no luck; but found a solution which I thought of:

    I copied the picture and pasted it into MSPaint(Edit - paste). and it worked.

    Thanks for the tips though! Microsoft says there is no help file!!!! LOL!

    kolla. :non:
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