Sony Vegas Pro 11 (Shoot me)

Hey guys,

so I've a problem that has been driving me mental for weeks.
My Sony Vegas Pro 11 has all but decided to die on me.

Ive been using it Vegas for many years, and never had any problems.
But when i finally came back to use it, i cant seem to render anything to a decent quality.

Input is .avi, Export is either .mp4 or .wmv (Incase anyone was wandering)

Ive tried every setting imaginable. every file type, but all the same. just blurred and fuzzy
(Its not not a Mbps issue either)

Ive no idea whats going on, I've done two full reformat of windows 7 now, thinking it may of been some bad codecs or something.

Ive tried 3 different sony vegas 11 releases (478,510,683) Ive even tried installing me old sony vegas pro 10.
Sony support was like pulling my own eyes out with a spoon... So gave up with them...

Has anyone got any more ideas?
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  1. Did you try using xvid codec?
  2. Made no difference :(
  3. Can you upload a sample to youtube?
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