Can we get some bench marks for this card?

Is this guy right about 840 FPS? If he is that would own crysis. I do realize this for workstation and such but hey if it owns games cant nvidia make a cheaper version of this for games. And as the title says some benches of games with this would be cool/interesting.
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  1. I dont know how workstation cards perform but I know that the FireGL kicks the Nvidia quadros ass. The V7600, V8600, V8650 series kill. ATi recently updated their drivers that doubled the performance.
  2. I dont know much about workstation cards. But id love to have one to test drive crysis with.
  3. workstation cards actually suck the big one when it comes to gaming, that guy is talking out his ass. It is a newegg review... any dumbass can post anything they want.
  4. it is probably true... at 640x480x8...
    He doesn't specify his settings or computer setup so i can even assume that he used a Cray 2...
  5. The reviewer was being sarcastic:

    I won a contest and had some extra cash laying around, so I thought hell why not, well after I got it I loaded battlefield 2 yea with over 840 frame rates my screen couldn't handle it and blew oh well people thought I was cheating that game because I had over 70 kills and 242 points lol

    I don't think you want a GPU that could actually blow up your monitor.
  6. I don't care what game or setting this guy thinks he was playing it, no game would ever run at 840FPS, I'm sure every game at one point or another has a cap. The guy was probably drunk as hell when we posted this.
    A monitor wouldn't blow up because FPS were to high, it just couldn't display them, because even a monitor won't refresh quick enough for that many FPS, but it wouldn't cause it to blow! Then he claims he has a high technical knowledge of electronics :pt1cable:

    Why would you get more kills if you frames per second were higher?
    Please don't take this review seriously.

    Now lets look further down at this comment.

    Pros: This is a very high end graphics card, perhaps a bit of an overload if you use it just for gaming. The fan on top is surprisingly quiet, I have a fan controller on all of my other fans in my case, I turned them off and I could just barely hear the GPU fan.
    Cons: Way way expensive. Do I think it is worth 2500 dollars? No I don't
    Other Thoughts: This is a super highend card, made for rendering and all gaming you can think of.

    Not only does this guy think the card is overkill for gaming (it wouldn't cut it for gaming) but people actually find his reply useful. What is wrong with people, do people with money just go for whatever is the most expensive, I think so.
    These workstation card will likely get a quarter to a half of the frame rates of a GTX on regular gaming, and thats probably being optimistic.
  7. You woudn't want that card and it's drivers for gaming.
  8. The reason why the Fire series dominates now is because, as for quality, its vastly supperior, and uses all those 320 spu's, tho its to slow to use in a gaming enviroment, as can be seen by the 2900's performance. In some games, the 2900 shines, and people cant figure out why, this is why
  9. lol, reminds me of that amd (barcy?) newegg review, 4GHz on air or something. It was posted in the forums somewhere.
  10. Omg!!!
    I own a 7800 GTX (256mb) which is basically the NVidia reference board given to dell back in the day (about 1 and half years to 2 years ago, don't ask how I got it) and it looks ABSOLUTELY THE SAME! Exactly the same dimension, fas assembly, everything!!!!
    ...How good did we say scam protection is on E-bay?.... LOL

    (I got to post some pics and hopefully I will)
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