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Well im thinking of buying an case with a water cooling system already inbuilt, the case is by thermaltake and I know they make fairly decent water cooling solutions. My question is, are inbuilt water cooling system efficient enough? I will at some point be buying an extra 2 water blocks (one GPU and one northbirdge ) and I don't really want problems.

Heres the case + Water cooling system i've been looking at
Thermaltake Black Kandalf

And here was my alternative,
Thermaltake Big water

For anyone who's curious the CPU is a q6600, and I want to run fairly stable overclocks
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  1. Go to and look at the Customer reviews. Several reports of the pump failing. Compare to the Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra. I assume you really want a kit and not DIY?
  2. Looking at a kit at the moment, not up for DIY just yet since this is my first attempted at water cooling.

    Will do, availability in UK is quite limited though, well that's what my impression is so far.
  3. AcidPython - If you get that Thermaltake setup, then you will be doing DIY in a little while, to replace components of the water cooling loop. You may just as well save the extra time and effort, and research more.
  4. I've been researching this to death, all reviewers i swear are being paid by thermaltake since they all come up with good reviews. I've built a fair few computers so i'm not afraid of a little DIY :P.

    Thanks for the help TonyL222, I'll have a look through a few solutions. Probally going to steer away from Thermaltakes LCS after looking at some newegg reviews.
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