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I just purchased 1x Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OEM for specific countries within europe, i am in the UK, what does the "for specific countries within europe" i do not want to undo or load untill i know it will work in the UK

Thank you
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  1. Search Microsoft support site to see if you can locate the SKU#; it should have region/country/languages supported.
  2. I tried looking for the specific countries in europe it covered, and have since found that i go conned into buying an OEM XP Home edition with Dell stamped on the coa, so stuffed i think
  3. Yes, you have Dell's OEM version, customized for its motherboards, BIOS, and features. I seriously doubt you could successfully install it on another board. It sounds like your vendor may be less than honest. If the deal sounds too good to be true - it probably is. I wish you better luck on your next attempt.
  4. Cheers treefrog07, i paid top dollar as well, I will be reporting him to Amazon and i think my credit card company will reimberse me, as not sold as a dell disk, and he sent some hardware with it to try to throw me off, i really do hate liers and con men. oh well we live and learn.

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