mATX PSU recommendations?

I want to build a microATX system with lowend dual core, DVD burner, 320G HD and mid level video card.
Can anyone suggest a high quality mATX PSU and where to get it? I may have to go with a maore expensive case that can accept a regular PSU, but I really want a compact system.
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  1. I have always thought this would make a nice uATX box. I do not think it has a "usual quality" Enermax PSU though. It will take a regular ATX size PSU though.

    Unfortunately the best deal I found on a uATX PSU was a 300w FSP. It would be a bit "iffy" with a mid range card. Most midrange cards call for 350w.

    The only quality combo I found was a bit pricey. I have the ATX mid tower version of this with the same PSU. I had to RMA the first PSU, but the replacement has run fine for a while now. I only run an E2160 and integrated video though.

    And there are even pricier combos from Silverstone and other high end suppliers.
  2. corsair makes nice compact psu - i use them in siliver stone micro atx mobo cases
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