My new DDR2 RAM Dead?

Okay, ever since I just got my new Patriot Memory, my comp's been acting reallly funny.

I have a Q6600 (333Mhz x 9 = 2.99Ghz) on an Intel D975xbx2 ("Bad Axe2") with 2x1 GB of Crucial Newegg Lanfest DDR2-800 Ram* (see below for more info. Essentially these are Crucial Tracers).

My setup, as I have not fiddled with the Ram, is set default at 5-5-5-18 with 1.8V timings.

Now, when I changed it to the Performance BIOS settings of 4-4-4-12 with 2.2V, the screen went black, and nothing would turn on. I didn't see any of the text that comes up before my OS boots.

Today, I just bought an extra set of 2x1GB Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-6400 800Mhz (4-4-4-12), 2.2V ram, EPP Ready. When I plug these into the 2 extra modules next to the Crucial memory, the computer doesn't turn on. I took out the Patriots, and the computer works as normal. When I replace the Crucials with the Patriots, the motherboard beeps and doesn't work. When I put one Crucial 1GB paired with one Patriot 1GB, the mobo beeps again.

The only way I've gotten my computer to post and boot up is with the Crucials in. Is this problem because of BIOS settings (5-5-5-18 vs. 4-4-4-12), or because the memory just doesn't work together, or, as I suspect, is the Patriot memory just busted?

Please let me know as I will return the memory if it's definitely the memory. Should I just get another set of Crucials to complement the other Crucials for best compatibility, or should I try again with a new set of Patriot memory?

Thanks guys-- I'm new to the forum and appreciate any help. This is my first built PC, so I'm new to OC'ing etc.

"The NewEgg rep at LANfest mentioned these are a limited edition, for sale at and given away at LANFest2K7 as a prize ONLY. There are 3000 sets, once they are sold out, they are gone FOREVAR.

EDIT: Also, a fellow Crucial owner mentioned these were not "modded ballistix" but more "surplus Tracer"

Double Edit: The Crucialrep said in the speed heirarchy, from slowest to fastest, it would look like Ballistix, LANFest Limited Edition, and Tracer. I should mention that at LANFest, while tuning with NTune, I was able to clock the LANFest DIMM's to 4-3-4-10 at 2.2V while remaining stable. THESE ARE DEFINATELY BEING PUSHED PAST SPEC, but that was a stable point I reached. I will keep them there for benchmark then move them back to 4-4-4-12 for daily use when LANFest is over."
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  1. Could very well be voltage issue. I have the same exact Patriot Ram ($29.99 2x1gb woohoo!) and although it specified as 4-4-4-12 at 2.2v, I am running it stably at 4-4-4-12 @ 2v 800mhz. In fact it is unstable at 2.2v or 2.1v. Use Everest to see your actually ram voltage as I found out that 2.2v is really 2.45v or something.
  2. I can't change anything in my BIOS, so once I put the Patriot memory in the slots on the motherboard, it doesn't start up (ie. the screen doesn't receive any input, it just stays black).
  3. Set the BIOS to 2.00V for the memory first, then install the Patriot modules.
  4. Set the BIOS to 2.00V for the memory first, then install the Patriot modules. Or your Motherboard might not support ddr2 Like if its new?
  5. Hope this helped
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