8800GTS 320mb OC2 VS Radeon 2900 Pro 512

I can get both of them for around the same price ($310). The 8800 is already over-clocked, and I know in-order for these two cards to compare I would need to over-clock the 2900Pro as well. Any input would be appreciated.


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  1. i would say that u go for 8800gt or wait till 15th nov for amd's offerings. both the cards u mentioned arent good. hope i helped.
  2. i meant not good for the price
  3. Yeah you would have to be crazy to buy an 8800gts 320mb now or the 2900pro. Even over here in crappy england the 8800gt is the same price as an 8800gts meaning you get a 30% performance increase for no extra money. Don't get either.

    Wait till the 15th to see Ati's offering.
  4. I have the HD2900pro and its a great oc'er,but for price to value get the 8800gt or wait for the 3800s from AMD?ATI
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