4.0Ghz on air? (build)

Hey there, planning to build a new system this Christmas currently running S754 3000+ /w 7900gt. I was wondering if it's possible to do 4.0Ghz on air with a Q6700? I've 'heard' of people saying it's possible but not sure, or maybe you just have to get really lucky? Anyway here's the build:
Intel Q6700 @ 4.0Ghz (?)
3rd Party CPU Cooler
DFI UT P35-T2R (max 4.0ghz)
4GB (2x2) Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (Running at 1:1)
HIS HD2950 Pro or EVGA 8900?
Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570
610/750w PC Power & Cooling PSU
500GB/750GB WD 16MB Sata2 HDD
LG Lightscribe burner (latest edition when purchasing)
& a few more goodies

So do you think it's practical to expect I can get 4.0Ghz out of my Q6700? I am willing to use the best air cooler if I can get 4.0Ghz. If not I am also considering Liquid cooling down the line as well but I'm only willing to spend at the very least $200 as I want a good quality setup. As well, is there any other precautions or cooling measures I must take if going to 4.0Ghz?
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  1. Why not try the q6600 at 4.0 and spend the extra on water cooling. This way if you fry the chip its not so hurtful to the old wallet.
  2. You would need the Ultra 120, which is considered the best heatsink for cpu. Of course you would need very good air flow in your case and cool ambient temperatures. Getting 4Ghz is very dangerous voltage wise, and it will definitely shorten the life of the cpu a lot. It is also luck-based, since not all cpus can reach those speeds with reasonable voltage levels. I recommend 3.6Ghz, it shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. I would go with roadrunners idea (make sure to get a G0), i have only seen the qx6850 hit 4ghz on air and i have seen very few...
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