How to Use two PC as a single one?

I have two pc s with asus mobos and AMD CPUs connected via lan. I want to use my pc s as a single one.. i.e. all the devices(HDDs) and ports(USBs) with both PC will act like single computer system. Is it possible anyhow?
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  1. What is exactly connected to those USB ports?
  2. it will be usb storage drives mainly.. or it may be usb modems..
  3. You are looking at a cluster ( ). It would be easier to answer the question if you let us know how you want to use the computers and why (and in what way) you want them to act as one. There are many different answers to your question depending upon these factors.
  4. Ijack, thank u for the information, i didn't know about these things, but i just wanted to do something like that. So now i have to learn a little bit about these and then i can only categorize my target..
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