New system.. DOA motherboard?

Just finished getting all the parts to my new system, here are the specs to get any of those issues out of the way.

Gigabyte p35-ds3L
Core 2 duo E6750
EVGA 8800GTS superclocked
2gb DDR2 800 g.skill
Corsair 520HX

After finishing putting everything together, I turned on the system and was happy to see that it successfully posted, so I continued everything like normal and started the windows installation. As soon as it got to the "Windows is now inspecting your hardware configuration..." notice, the system powered down. From that point on, I can no longer get a monitor signal when I try and boot. I have tried switching the video card with an older card, but with no success. All of the fans spin, all of the hardware seems to be working. I've tried swapping ram, switching ram spots, reseating the video card, reseating ram.. nothing has worked.

Are there any other types of things I can do to see if any of my parts are DOA? Or are there any symptoms you can see from my failure that is a dead giveaway of my problem? I figure that since it was working find on the first boot up, that the processor or video card isn't part of my problem. Any help is appreciated!
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    Have you hooked these up?

    24-pin ATX mobo power connector
    4-pin cpu power connector (this can be confusing as there are 2 cables for cpus for a total of 8 pins. use the one labeled #1 & make sure the latch is locked in)
    6-pin video power connector

    Try only 20-pin for mobo. See if it posts. If not, move everything outside the case onto the mobo box, put together the mobo, cpu, ram & video, that's it, power it on. if no luck, clear cmos referring to the manual.
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