Convertion the format from RAW to NTFS in an External Hard Disk

Hi all,

I am using a Toshiba IDE portable hard disk which is USB compatible. Suddenly it was not responded during a data transfer and it shows RAW as its file format.

I just tried windows disk management utility and sevaral low level formatting softwares to fix this problem. When i m using the Win Disk Mgt tool, the formatting is proceeding, but it is getting not responded at the last stage.

Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance....
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  1. Sounds like the drive is stuffed.

    RAW typically means that the filesystem is not recognised. Which means that its lost whatever partitioning that was on it. And if its erroring out during re-format its probably dead
  2. Before you delete anything try a software title called EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. Any version above 4.0 has a recovery wizard that will go through your RAW formatted disc and pull all the data off it. I had a drive that blipped into RAW format one day after a power outage...weird right? I had over 100,000 music files on it and didn't want to lose them and have to re rip them again.

    Anyways, EASEUS worked. Try it out and see if your RAW formatted drive will cough up your files.
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