45nm INTEL QX9650 VS 65nm INTEL QX6850

Taiwan's website, chinese language. You could use google translator, but most of the contents are just pictures.
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  1. look how they make the graphs to make it look like a huge difference
  2. Yeah, saw that too
    Still noice tho.
    Solid gains esp in mem b/w :D
    Oc quite well too :D
  3. graphs wont display

    want to fill me in what the graphs say?
  4. About 5-8% increase clock for clock agaisnt the qx6850. I didnt go too far into the pages but Im assuming it definitely runs cooler too b/c its 45nm and it has intels new high-k metal gate silicon technology to decrease heat loss and lower watts.

    He has it running at 4.5ghz@1.62vcore on air cooling.
  5. I like the graphs^^
  6. Well, I love the 4.5 on Air Cooling part :>
    Very high Voltage, but I bet 4.0-4.2 would run quite cool then.
  7. cory1234 said:
    He has it running at 4.5ghz@1.62vcore on air cooling.

    I think I just wet myself.
  8. Looks like I've got something specific to look forward to upgrading to when this is released. Assuming the Q9450 OCs anywhere near as well I'd probably go for something like that.

  9. He ultra overclocked QX9650 to 5.066GHz@1.64v with liquid nitrogen.
  10. Wow the QX9650 can be clocked that high? Damn, and I just got a Q6600 and 3.6 is hard enough already....
  11. Cool,

    4 GHz and still first of the batch model. I'm already dreaming of what they'll do by next march when I'll be ready to upgrade my E6600.

    One thing left to do right now. That's waiting for Phenom in sufficient number and high enough frequency to see if AMD will get back to where it was in the K6 days. That would be low-end market. I surely hope not!
  12. My QX9650 Overclock

    The sweet spot for everyday use looks like 4.2GHz @ 1.44v.

    From my observation, QX9650 runs cooler (15-20%) and overclocks better (at least 10%) than QX6850.
  13. Ok so a QX6850 running at 4GHz is 53c and a QX9650 running at 4GHz is 35c? Dam thats not just a improvement thats a freakin leap.

    Thats almost a 20c difference in temperature which means that at the stock speed this chip(and the ones to come in march) will probably be some of the most efficient CPUs ever.

    I just hope that AMDs Phenom is ready for Penryn. I think this will be one interesting shoot out. And I am eying the Q6600 equivalent for and upgrade in 2008.
  14. Q6600 equivalent? You mean the Q9450, right?
    I think the Q9450 really has the best C/P value among Intel's new quad cores.
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