What fan controller do you use?

I'm just curious to see what fan controllers people use to keep a leash on the noise level of their computers. And if any of you know of a great fan controller and can recommend it, that'd be great.
I'm looking for one to mount in a 5.25" drive bay, above the optical drives.
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  1. Sunbeam Rheobus 20W per channel.
  2. Superior:


    But yeah, I use the Sunbeam (non-extreme) its incredible and only 15.99!
  3. cnumartyr said:
    Sunbeam Rheobus 20W per channel.

    And there's 4 channels :)
  4. Sunbeam Rheobus 4 20w Fan controllers, 5 1/2" bay

    Also a Vantec Nexus 3 1/2" controls 3 fans and one dual set of cathodes

    Sunbeam is the best controller, the only con to it is its got the brightest LEDs I've ever seen, can get annoying at times as long as you have some good sunshades you'll be just fine!
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