Confused on install of 7600 gt agp card. Help please?

I removed my Matrox 650 dual dvi card because it stopped working and ordered an XFX geforce 7600 GT card. My Matrox had no power connector and the Geforce has a 4 pin connecter and what I assume is an extension splitting into 2 female plugs.

(I found one thread: "4-Pin Molex connection" ... "connect that to the 7600GT AGP"... [There is a link that leads to a totally unrelated webpage.] "How much power does the PSU state?" (Am just briefly quoting and found the thread somewhat helpful but am still confused.)

I have one free power connector in my PC, wrapped together with another that connects to a fan on the side of my computer. That would reach the video card without the extension. There is another that I can't really discover where it is connected to. It would need the extension.

I sure hope I'm making this clear enough to follow, because as of now I have no idea of the correct way to proceed.

First, will any power connector work so I would be safe using the one bound up with the wires connecting to the fan?

Second, do I need to worry about the power my computer has? My inventory says the power supply is "Antec TRUE 550 Watt Quiet Power supply with Dual Smart Fans." The processor is "Pentium 4.3.0 GHz with Hyper threading." Does this sound usable with this card?

Hope you can help. I also ordered another monitor that I'm itching to try out!

Thank you.
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  1. Since I haven't gotten an answer, I tried connecting one of my computer power cables (the ones that plug into the hard drives) into the video card. The card seems to be seated OK. My computer seems to boot up, the monitor is on but nothing shows that it's communicating with the computer.

    When I looked further at specs it seems my 550 watt power supply should be enough. I hooked one of the dvi cables to my monitor. There was nothing I could see marked to tell me which dvi input to use for one monitor, so I tried one, then the other. The instructions with this card are just about useless.

    I didn't install the software since the instructions indicated it should be installed after the card was working.

    Can anyone give me suggestions? I installed the matrox video card a year ago without any problem. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Yes, you put it in the agp slot, plug a 4 pin power connector in( same style that you sue for hard drives and fans) boot your cp, download the latest nvidia drivers, install them and reboot. You removed the matrox driver too, i assume?
  3. Yes, I removed Matrox drivers and software. My computer (older) ended up dying. Son-in-law (computer tech) decided it was probably the power supply. I gave him the PC to play with and bought the new one I've been wanting :-)

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. No problom, glad you like your new rig.
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