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I'm using Google Chrome for my browser and whenever I click on specific links on webpages (msn.com for instance) it seems as though there is something masking it and it winds up opening a spam page. I ran a scan with malwarebytes and it found nothing. Is there another anti-malware program i should try or is it something else.

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  1. Scan in safe mode with networking, see if that finds anything.

    You can also run an off-line CD scan, I like the one from Avira, you can get a rescue CD ISO file off their site that you can make a disk from, boot the computer from that and run the scan.
  2. Malware, short for malicious software, is any software program designed to cause harm to a computer system or designed to frustrate the user experience. In addition to viruses and trojan horses, this category of software includes spyware and adware. In short, malware consistutes all the software that evil people try to sneak onto your computer, but which you do not want to have on your computer.

    Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware.

    Install/run the software and initiate a full scan of your system.

    On the screen in which you are presented with a list of suspicious objects, you must manually select all the ones you wish to have removed. Unless a suspicious object leaps out at you as being something important, chances are that you want to remove all the suspicious objects that were found. To quickly select all objects, right-click one of the checkboxes and select the appropriate choice from the menu that will pop up. Click on Next to continue to the next screen and remove the objects.

    When the confirmation dialog appears, click on OK.
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