Why is my computer shutting down automatically when on world of warcraft

When i play world of warcraft my computer automatically shuts down then i restart it it shuts down in time periods of 10-20min or 5-10min then i have to restart
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  1. check the temps!


    could be the issue!
  2. Hello, My computer keeps shutting down automatically when i am logged into world of warcraft i only get 15-20min in the game then it gets turned off. Then i have to power it on again.?
  3. Sounds like either an underpowered Power supply (did you upgrade the video card and not the PSU ?) or overheating (how long has it been since you cleaned out inside the case to remove dust\etc. from the fans on the CPU and Video card etc. ?
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    Why does my computer keep shutting down when i play games
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