Strange 7600gt Overclocking Problems

So I'm using the guide a couple posts down by cnumartyr from this one and it says to use Rivatuner to change the clock speeds and atitool to stress the card. I was able to get the card from 590 core to 895 core (which is weird since it's a %50 increase and it's the max frequency in rivatuner. I did this, ran atitools scan for artifacts for 10 minutes and I was fine, did a 3dmark and I was fine, except my score only increased by 10 points. I also can't open nvidia control panel anymore because the computer will just freeze up if I try to open that. And lastly in atitool on the left 2 sliders it doesn't show anything changed but on the sliders in the middle (the ones that say 3d low power) only change, when I adjusted the speed in rivatuner I made sure performance 3d was selected and not low power 3d. What's going on here?
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    Look under Overclock>Rivatuner won't let me OC and follow the steps. Perhaps you need to force it.

    Anyways, if there is any freezing, bring the clock speeds down.
  2. What?! Is it normal to get that much of an overclock out of a 7600GT? (A better way to word that is 'is that even possible?')

    Are you sure you have actually changed the frequencies? If you had overclocked the core that much, I'm inclined to think your 3dmark score would have increased much more than 10 points.
  3. agreed that is a rediculous overclock on a 7600gt. if it really did clock that high your 3d mark would be higher than that. but i would think that much of an overclock would require a volt mod.
  4. Ya I pretty much knew there was something wrong there, I'm going to follow evilonigirls advice as soon as I can and see what happens.
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