Battery out then battery in but now CMOS aint working (again)

The following problem is portayed in the style of a noir vaudville monologue.

It all started a while back when I tried to install my eSATA bracket that I'd gotten with the Gigabyte P35-DS3R. I plugged in a naked blank hard drive and hooked it up with the cables to the bracket and oh Lordy!

(Flashback shimmer effect)

Ok, all installed, let's hook it up and turn it on.

Whoooooooooooooo go the fans. And nothing else happens. At least my processor won't overheat with 3 fans of 120mm each going at 1000rpm.

Hmmm, turn it off again, check the wiring. All looks ok. Try again?

Whooooooooooooooo go the fans once more, as if the heart of the machine were well, but the brain still asleep.

Hmmmmm, not even getting to the bios. Let's try resetting the CMOS. I'll jumper the pins and take the battery out for a while. That's bound to work!

From downstairs comes a call Dinner Time!

Ah, how insulubrious! This will give the battery plenty of time to rest on this ESD bag on my desk here while I eat dinner and let the CMOS clear itself.

One enjoyable meal later

Rightyo, battery back in, remove jumper from CMOS reset pins, reinstall 8800GTS with the phat heatsink that gets in the way of the jumper block CMOS reset pins, reattach power, remove the eSATA bracket that caused the problem. System is back the way it was before this calamity accousted me.

Ah, the Bios has returned. Let's see, date, time, everything else...

Fix Raid, broken MBR, and we're back.

Turn it off.

The next morning

Gee, I sure am glad I fixed all those problems yesterday.


What the Jenkins!!?!!1?!?

*grumble grumble*

Now I'll have to reset the Cmos every time I want to boot :fou: :pfff: :o :??:

Maybe I shouldn't have taken that battery out...

Is the battery dead? It can't be, I checked it with my voltage meter/battery tester. It came up in the green, 1.3V

And say, on an unrelated note, why does it sound like there's a squirrel with a defibrillator in my hard drive cage?

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  1. Act 2: The Workaround

    Wrack and Ruin! What's it doing?
    Its after happening again!
    Presses reset button
    What? That worked?? Man this is insane!

    But I guess I can live with it.

  2. *applauds*

    The same thing would happen to me with my Asus A8N32-SLI. It made me sad.

    Then I RMA'd it and was happy again.

  3. Act 3: The situation worsens

    Ah, what woe, RAID failed again, just as I was trying to backup
    No matter of course, I've done this before, I know how to fix this problem
    Oh dear, I fear, my solution appears to be ineffective this time,
    Knoppix, XP, nothing worketh for me, I guess I'll just have to reinstall.

    But woe once again, the power buttaen works no longer for me!
    Hold down reset til the CMOS relents and the BIOS follows on once more
    Lo, I could not backup, nor could I return. Vista Startup Repair, Summarily spurned

    Every problem fixed thus far, and now another hurdle so many so perplexing, they'd make your blood curdle
    'tween speakers and keyboards, Bios, OS or mice I think me every single problem fixed twice

    But luck has run out... lest a glimmer of hope aspied me the BIOS not set up to rote. Could it be the reset erasing each time that causeth the RAID settings not to stay in line?

    Checking it now, bios forth we shall see, might it be something hitherto eluding me?

    A different man I am atween problem and victory, now the bios is here, is this what it could be?

    hope dies.

  4. Art thou's BIOS the latest revision?
  5. Act 4: A ghost in the machine

    I who have broken, been fixed and have screamed,
    Updated, related, configured and preened,
    Though broken fundamentally flawed or so it seems
    Will now hearby grant you one last reprieve
  6. Act 5: Anguish

    You break, I fix, you break again
    Why for so beyond my ken
    A swing so great from joy and despair
    Between your oblivion and my luck with repair

    Yea, the BIOS is updated, fail safe settings installed and recreated,
    New settings up and RAID recreated (rover, an invisible dog)
    What a job it will be, to replace means relent
    Back to manufacturer: bad components sent

    I spent 14 hours assembling Mk. 1,
    Knowledge now possessed means an easy second run
    The bother and the hassle though, that won't be fun
    All for the best in the end though, to get this thing to run

  7. Alas, twas but a dream.
  8. Act 6: Antechamber of Rebirth

    I feel perhaps I'll name you Saga,
    You ran for a time and then like a lada,
    Soon you'll be back together again
    Depicting the horses and all the kings men.
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