What would be the best price/performance 2 months from now?

If you had a $2,200 budget on your next PC gaming build that you plan to build within the next 2 months, considering what will be available in 2 months what GPU/CPU would you go with?

Im trying to budget on $300 for whatever GPU,CPU,and Motherboard each. Interested in Phenom x4 too but cant find much info on supported motherboards.

2 8800GT SLI is looking attractive right now as it seems to be the best price/performance you can do. However, I would like to wait and see what the ATI 3800's are going to be like.

I also plan on building everything around Vista 64 with 4GB of memory.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. Its all speculation at this point so hard to say...

    Currently you would go
    q6600 or e6750
    SLI 8800GT
    680i chipset
    4gb and vista 64bit

    But in 2 months we should see some penryns (both wolfdale and yorkfield) AMD will release Phenom and also R670's and NVIDIA is "supposedly" changing 8800 lineup to slot the 8800GT in better $/performance so its anyones guess in 2months.
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