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Hey guys, I upgraded my old socket 939 3800+ Venice with a 939 x2 4200+ Toledo so that I can buy either a Hd2950pro (or 3850 or whatever...) or a 8800gt. I will OC my processor after the temps settle down to a constant (just installed yesterday, and in my personal experience, it takes about a week to get those temps rock solid steady) It is supposed to be able to get as high as 3.0Ghz (and yes it can, my friend got it to that) All of this to say, we know Vista sucked when it came out; but microsoft has been doing some major tweaking and driver support sounds worlds better than it used to be. So should I get Vista for dx10 and if so, should I get 32 bit or 64 bit? (My computer will run it fine, its got a rock solid powersupply and the best PC3200 RAM available on the market; 2 gigs of it I might add) All help is appriciated. Thanks!
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  1. If you want to take advantage of the new DX10 games, then you must get Vista.

    As far as 32/64 bit... if all your hardware has 64bit drivers, then go with 64.
  2. Well, I would get vista. It is not really all that bad, but should be a lot better after the first service pack. Xp is currently more expensive and I see MS dropping support for it latter on.

    If you do get vista, go for the 64bit. The 32bit will not fully use your 4gb of ram(if you decide to add those extra 2gb) and it will also run 64bit applications. However, if you have those 32bit apps you want to run, then.. =\
  3. I mostly play games as I am a highschool student, so all of those are 32-bit. Would they run as well on a 64-bit OS. Other than that I browse the web and write papers and stuff, but nothing else. So still 64-bit? And would those extra 2Gb of OCZ PC3200 2x1Gb Platinum 400Mhz 2-3-2-5 @ 1T be helpful as well? I play Oblivion a lot and it fill up the RAM pretty quick, so how would that go? Plus I like playing older games like Battlefield 1942 and Age of Empires II, would they work on Vista? Thanks again guys.
  4. Nope - overhyped $$$ bloatware. DX10 is immature and has huge hardware requirments. Vista is a hog and actually reduces performance 5-10% vs. XP Pro. If you have a critical application that absolutely requires it (and there are none that I know of) go ahead.
  5. I would stick XP 32 bit in that system. Everything will be gravy for you with Vista NEXT system. I would only put Vista 64 in a new Quad, not in some aging platform (like yours or mine).

    All the components you have will rock DX 9, but Vista would suck the life out of your performance. The 8800GT is still a baby Vista card in the grand scheme of things.

    You will be nicely tided over with that system and DX9 until the Octals are out, with some PROPER DX10 videocards. The 8800 series is still first gen.

    Unless you just want to start playing with Vista, go ahead. First service pack is out soon. Happy gaming.
  6. Yeah, I will build another machine in '09 probably with a $4,000 budget (Oh yeah!). So these upgrades are to tide me over. Well, Vista sounds like its getting better, but I am gonna hafta go with Falken699 on this one. Thanks again everyone!
  7. just get vista. everyone hated xp when it first came out too. if you are that concerned about an OS that takes up resources, then run dos
  8. I honestly don't really see what is so hoot-and-holla about xp. I mean, might get a little more performance from it because it is less bloated, but with all the new updates and drivers for vista that are going to be coming out, it is bound to get better. Early Vista/DX10 cards may be first generation, but atleast you will be able to play these games. That being said, I don't exactly know if you system could handle the DX10 games that are made. That being said about that being said, 2 years is a pretty long time to wait if there is a lot more development in the DX10 field. IDK, you really have to decide for yourself. =\
  9. Coming from someone who ran XP for years, I too like vista, and I still run my old games on it, medieval 2 total war, rome total war, call of duty to name a few, they work great. I like it, and you can tweak it for performance. My opinion is this, are you going to spend money to buy XP, or do you already have a legit copy? If you have to shell out the $$ for it, I would buy Vista instead, because why upgrade into older technology? It's up to you, but personally, I've used both, and I like both. But methinks I like vista a little better...
  10. Buy the Nvidia. Keep your old XP for games. Install Linux for everything else. Buy games that support Linux.
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