New System,Looking for suggjestions for Power supply

Case:Antec P180

Motherboard:Gigabyte ga-p35-ds4 rev 2

Memory:ocz Gold 4x1gb Kit ddr2 800

Processor:Intel e6700

Video Card:xfx 8800 gts 640mb pre-oced to 600mhz

Hard drive:Western digital se16 750gb

Sound card:Creative X-fi Xtreme gamer

Without a ps it comes to 1,362.95 without shipping added

psu's im looking at are a antec earthwatts 500watts or a pc power and cooling 610 eps

on the xtreme power thing it says id use about 300 watts regulary do you think i should go safe and get the 610 pc power and cooling or would the earthwatts one be ok?

thxs for takeing the time to respond.
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  1. 610 PCPnC definately
  2. I agree with mad-dog. You can't go wrong with anything PCPnC. You should only need about 450 to 500 to run the whole computer so the 610 should be safe. It also comes with a 5 year warranty, which you'll never use anyway.
  3. The PC P&C is a higher quality product. In fact it's the best brand out there.

    What's up with the e6700, make it e6750...
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