how to overclock an E2160 PLEASE HELP!

i just bought a budget gaming rig with the following specs:
GPU:powercolor x1950pro
RAM:2x1GB ADATA 667 mhz
HDD:160gb Seagate sata II 8 mb cache
Case:Raidmax Sagitta
MB( Gigabyte GA-945PL-S3P ) specs :

1066/800/533 MHz
Chipset Intel 945PL
BIOS 1.4 Mbit flash ROM
Use of licensed AWARD BIOS
Supports Virtual Dual BIOS
PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.0, SM BIOS 2.3, ACPI 1.0b.
Intel Core2 Extreme/Core 2 Duo/Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron D processors
PCI Express x16
7.1 Channel with Realtek ALC888
10/100/1000 Gigabit Lan by Realtek 8111B
Memory slots 4x Dual Channel DDR2 (667/533/400 MHz)
1 x PCI Express x16
3 x PCI Express x1
3 x PCI
1 x ATA100
1 x PS/2 Mouse
1 x PS/2 Keyboard
1 x Serial
1 x Parallel
1 x RJ-45 LAN
4 x USB 2.0
6 x Audio
Supports @BIOS
Supports Download Center
Supports Q-Flash
Supports EasyTune 5
Supports Xpress Install
Supports Xpress Recovery2
Supports Virtual DualBIOS

i never tried to overclock a cpu before so i havent got a clue where to begin and what to do...
what i need is a tutorial on how to overclock intel processors and if i'm lucky some of you know how to oc the E2160 on this motherboard.

PLEASE HELP ME! i want to overclock it to 2.8 with the stock cooler.
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  1. You should start with the stick about OCing C2D and C2Qs.
  2. cnumartyr said:
    You should start with the stick about OCing C2D and C2Qs.

    theres nothing about the E2160 in there and its too swift and direct , i dont undestand
    i need a step by step tutorial.
  3. coltezeu said:
    theres nothing about the E2160 in there and its too swift and direct , i dont undestand
    i need a step by step tutorial.

    It's clear as can be. Although the guide is written using the Q6600, the same procedures apply with the E2160.
  4. You can start with 1333fsb= 3ghz with 1.5vcore-and then decrease the vcore till you find the lowest stable vcore.Don't forget to increase the north bridge volts.

    I have e2160 to,but mine didn't overclocks well...

    MSI P35 Neo2 Fr
    corsair xms2 dhx ddr 800

    Max stable oc 3.2GHZ at 1.635 vcore

    Now at 3.0 ghz 1.5 vcore 333x9
  5. This is why I get aggrevated. The guide is perfectly clear on the basics and even advanced parts (some) of overclocking the Core 2 Duos and Core 2 Quads.

    The method for overclocking an E2160 is the same as a Q6600 is the same as a QX9650.

    Do you need to have your hand held? Oh, and don't try to throw this back at me with "Well I'm sure someone taught you." For the most part I read guides, when I had a question about something in the guide I asked it.

    You are lucky enough Raketta felt like posting something about OCing, but as for most of the regulars we don't post step by step stuff. You should be able to figure it out on your own with the help of the guide and ask specific questions like "So if my RAM is in 1:1 that means it runs at the same speed as the Bus?"

    Anyways, good luck with your OC, when you get stuck and have a SPECIFIC question feel free to create a new thread and ask again. I'll be more than happy to assist.
  6. By defualt that cpu has a 9 x multipler and a 200 MHz FSB, it should peak at in terms of performance at 3GHz depending on how u want ur memory to run go into ur bios and take the clock speed on the cpu to 333Mhz that x 9 will push you to about the limit on this cpu (You could go higher but benchmarking shows that one levels off at about these speeds) And to go higher means to change / push voltage cores which in turn means putting more heat through the system which may mean a non stock cooler is required.

    Also make sure in ur bios setting options for controlling things like peak EMI are swicthed off ( i know some MSI boards have this enabled by default) This will cause the cpu to lock up during POST, as the Overclock will cause sudden peaks making the EMI controls kick in.

    The rules to OC'ing are generic and can be applied to any suitable MOBO I suggest reading your MOBO's manual as that will teach you more than anything else. The rest is all numbers which I now provide

    As I said this range peaks in benchmark at the 3GHz Range so

    FSB = 333Mhz
    Multipler = 9 (this is locked for this class of Core 2 Duo)

    Ram is an odd one and Tbh it all depends on the ram you have. Best advice is to read up. Its always good to build you own boat.

    Share what you know, Learn what you don't
  7. Intel E2160 CPU ( Cooled by Sunbeamtech- Core Contact Freezer 92mm ...with Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease)
    XFX 630i motherboard with NvidiaGeForce 7100 GPU
    Apacer DDR2 6400 1gb X 2 RAM
    WD 250gb HDD
    Coolermaster Elite 390W PSU

    I managed to stretch out my CPU to 2.7GHz from stock 1.8GHz
    My Ram is running at 300 X2MHz at 2.0V from 1.8V stock voltage

    Problem is that I am unable to get my cpu ot clock at 3.00GHz
    Whenever I clock my RAM to 333 X2Mhz , system won't start!
    Please, guide if there are some other settings I need to tweak???
    Like, Northbridge Voltage, RAM voltage or CPU Voltage ???

    How can I "OC" my CPU/RAM further more than 3GHz????

  8. cnumartyr said:
    Do you need to have your hand held?

    No, I need to have your hand held... so you can suck on my dick.
  9. my friend your processor even after oc would not run any modern game except mw3 lol
  10. This is a 3 year old thread, no point of replying.
  11. i still dont get how to ocing i dont know what to lol
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