How's My RAID Array

Two of THESE in a RAID 0. Is it on par with expected performance?
Here are three read tests with HD Tune:

Is it what you would expect?

I can't do a write test because it says this:

I don't know why

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Also... I have the benchmark speed set to second to fastest
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  1. About what I would expect. What are you doing with your array?
    The transfer rate is good, the access time is slow.
    Unless you are spending a lot of time moving big files, a single fast drive with > 10ms access time would "feel" a lot faster.
  2. well i just ran the same test with my seagate 750gb 7200.11 hard drive and my results are:

    min trasfer rate of 51.8mb/sec
    max is 108.3 mb/sec
    avg is 85.7 mb/sec
    access time 12.7 ms
    burst rate 141 mb/sec
    cpu usage 2%
  3. ran another test on my 500gb seagate 7200.11 hard drive and the results were pretty much the same minus like 3mb/s in the transfer rates.

    don't have raid so i can't test that. bt this gives you some idea of comparing one hd of mine to your array.
  4. I use the array to store a lot of .iso's, lots of installed games and movies. Is access time supposed to be slower in relation to a single drive? ):
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