Do I "NEED" a 8800GT from a 7800GT?

I have the following:

E2160 OCd to 3.2Ghz, 2 gig ram, 7800GT

I am playing Half life 2 at 1920 medium and it runs fine. I was going to get one of the first cards for the 8800GT but missed out by a couple hours. But after thinking about it, I don't really feel the need as i am not going to play with Crysis any time soon as i havn't finished HL2 yet. I want to wait until the next high end comes along and see what it provides and also the X3800. The reason is if I get the 8800GT I will want to get a new case, new PSU (all high end) and use my older hardware that is gathering dust as a server and build, then i would need to spend close to 900.
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  1. The 7800GT is a very strong card,contrary to what some would say.I suspect you should be able to play HL2 at max settings.I own two 7800GT's,bothe are from EVGA and they are great cards especialy in an SLI configuration.I would only upgrade if you need to or really want to.But hey,if you got the money,go for it.It never hurts having a better video card.Goodluck.The 8800GT would be a solid step-up from the 7800GT,and it would allow you to play the newest games that are out.


    X2 5600+ STOCK (2.8GHZ)
    EVGA 7950 GX2 550/1400
    ACER 22IN WS LCD 1680X1050
    250GIG HD/320GIG HD
  2. i upgraded to 8800GT from my 7900GS and the only difference is the sustained higher fps on my old dx9 games

    if you plan to play the new dx10 games, crysis etc then upgrade otherwise dont bother
  3. I already run Half-Life 2 at 1920x1200 on high at 2x AA and 8x AF and it runs fine for me. My processor is only an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ too.
  4. it's all about price then... if you can find a 8800GT for cheaper get it otherwise don't and wait for the next gen
  5. Based on the demo, Crysis in DX9 still looks pretty good. With a hack, you can enable DX10 features in XP.
  6. The 7800GT is still a reasonably fast card. I'd wait *at least* until the HD3800s come out to see what that does to the market, and for the 8800GT prices to stabilize. A DX10.1 card wouldn't hurt...

  7. hmmm i would get the 8800gt as the 7800gtx isnt really good card. i have the x1950 pro which is better than the 7800xt as games strugle ie crysis. even though i have an e6850 so if you want to play games for teh presnt i would get the 8800gt its cheap also.
  8. Never upgrade until you feel the need.
    Stuff just bets better, cheaper, faster.

    By the time you think you "need" the 8800GT, you will wish you had the card that is not even on the market yet.
  9. Hi, my 8800 has just arrived replacing my 7800GT which I have had for some time.

    Ran 3DMark06 before and after swapping the cards

    7800GT: 3983
    8800GT: 11617

    Fair improvement I'd say though I'm not sure if I should be getting worried about the GPU temps as they reached 90C by the end of the test. :s

  10. dude, "need", n "want" are all relative terms. only u can decide that. of course in all history, newer cards will be more expensive, u wait for them to get cheaper then ull c newer cards then the previous newer. n the cycle keeps going.
  11. hl2 isn't very video demanding, go to 8800GT when you want to play crysis :)
  12. Don't do it. You don't need an 8800GT. As others have said, just wait for the next gen.

    As for Crysis, an 8800GTX can't even run the game silky smooth (with eye candy on). So just wait, I'm sure other 65nm gpu's will be released, with higher clocks and room for overclocking.
  13. hok said:
    I want to wait until the next high end comes along and see what it provides and also the X3800.
    Smart move!
  14. Never upgrade until you own a game that you can't play at settings you find satisfying.

    Upgrading any earlier than that is a waste of money.
  15. You never need to upgrade. We could all still be running the ATi 7XXX series cards. But then how would we run Crysis?
  16. I only got an 8800 GT because my ATI x1900GT has ram chips failing on it. Seems like the 8800GT is at least twice as fast.
  17. hok said:
    I have the following:

    E2160 OCd to 3.2Ghz, 2 gig ram, 7800GT

    I am playing Half life 2 at 1920 medium and it runs fine. I was going to get one of the first cards for the 8800GT but missed out by a couple hours. But after thinking about it, I don't really feel the need as i am not going to play with Crysis any time soon as i havn't finished HL2 yet. I want to wait until the next high end comes along and see what it provides and also the X3800. The reason is if I get the 8800GT I will want to get a new case, new PSU (all high end) and use my older hardware that is gathering dust as a server and build, then i would need to spend close to 900.

    I believe you already answered your own question. No you don't .....
  18. i have an X2 3800+ and a 7800gt... runs the crysis demo at 1680x1050 with low/medium settings (cant use HDR :( ). I wouldnt upgrade, and I wont until the next round of cards come out. although the 8800gt is very tempting
  19. If you are content with what you have then wait. Computer parts are never a good investment. Very similar to buying a car they always depreciate in value as time passes. And as time goes on newer more powerful components come out for the same price. I suspect after the 8800GT and AMD launch really gets rolling this month that you will see a substantial drop in price on directx 10 cards.

    So like I said if your living happy there is no harm in waiting.
  20. im in a similar situation, X2 3800+, 2.5GB PC3200, 7800GT. for me, it plays even the newest games at what could still be considered acceptable settings, even crysis and oblivion.

    i was also contemplating an 8800GT, but reasoned that even with games running at reduced details and settings, as long as the framerates are still playable, its more okay.

    what may be the deciding factor for a gpu upgrade though, is the possibility of a matrox TH2G DE and a 3rd 19" lcd (have 2 already, but theyre seperated, as a center gap is no good for a lot of games). but if i do get it, and the framerates are still playable for a lot of games (20-30 fps), then all the better. and i may be able to hold off even longer on a gpu upgrade. otherwise though, i definetly might see a new gpu in my future after not too long.

    it is pretty expensive for what little it actually does, but it would definetly be a large step forward from the typical 'stare staight foward no peripheral vision' kinda gaming, and would definetly seem to also warrant a new gpu most likely, above all else even.
  21. THANKS! you guys made up my mind. The card has served me well for almost 2 years. Thanks for all the insight
  22. okay so we made up your mind.... what did you decide to do? lol
  23. Sorry yes I'm going to wait until the next gen hi end.
  24. You can OC an 8800 GT to 728 core by 1040 memory (2080 effective) and get 3DMark06 scores 600 points higher (12,240) than an 8800 GTX which is a $600 card.

    Get the 8800 GT.
  25. I'd upgrade. I've been a 7800GT owner since Oct of 2005 and until this summer my card has handled every game at max settings. I started seeing the grey hairs show on my card when i started beta'ing Tabula Rasa. My card couldnt run that game at max settings. It was the first time EVER in two years i had to dumb down my settings. Then there came BioShock. Again, my card couldnt handle the game at max settings. I had to play around with dumbing down texture and shadow details. Also beta'ed MOH: Airbourne which struggled a bit also. BTW my gamer rig is clean, i only have games installed on it and photo editing software. I only turn this rig on when using any of those programs so it isn't cluttered with garbage like adware lurking in the shadows. Then came a lil game that blew my card's brain's out. You all know it.... C-R-Y-(yes i did cry)-S-I-S. Now in my card's defence my 7800GT handles the SP game with straight medium settings @ 1600 x 1200 with no AA very well. The cutscenes is where it got a bit choppy and sluggish but gameplay wise it handled the game great. My card also can chew up the COD4 demo as well at max settings with no issues. UT3 eta runs GREAT without not one bottle necking glitch. But ya know a 7800GT card is only 256MB big and i think the bottle necking is happening there cause as more and more games are putting in DX10 features in games and asking for higher gpu memory, a 256 card, 2 years old for that matter, are slowly going to start getting phased out. With the 8800GT's being as cheap as they are i'd buy one. The EVGA 8800GT SSC is about $300 bucks and that is the top of the line card in that model. I bet you paid more for your 7800GT back in '05 so if were you i'd upgrade.
  26. See, I think it's a matter of personal preference and also how much time you spend playing your DX9 games.
    For me, I've still got Win XP and a 7900GS - the 79GS is sufficient for DX9 games, but I'm anal with my graphics and FPS. The card will run 4x AA, 16x AF, supersampling, ect. pretty well until you get 40 players in one game - and even then it's not bad. So if you want to glorify your DX9 games with high AA, super far AF, multisampling, and crispualar texture settings (and being anal about FPS like me), the 88GT is a good investment for a good price imo - not to mention about when you do take on Vista and DX10.
  27. my new 8800GT is considerably faster than my ATI x1900GT. Games do look a lot better with all the options on high as opposed to medium.
  28. Quote:
    I am playing Half life 2 at 1920 medium and it runs fine

    No you don't need an upgrade until you aren't happy with your gaming experience. But I can say that if I couldn't play HL2 at near max details with fsaa at my desired resolution, and I could afford it, I'd upgrade. I still have an evga 7800GT CO and can say the X1800XT, X1950XT and 8800GTS I had after it with more performance and better IQ, offered such a better gaming experience than the 7800GT. looking back I can't imaging playing the games I've played the past year on my old 7800GT. (Oblivion, BF2, Fear, NFS:Carbon, test Drive Unlimited, MOH Airborne, HL2 Orange Box, and the UT3, COD4, Bioshock, and Crysis Demos. I also replayed HL2 and Farcry after getting the new cards just because I could then max the IQ out this time through
  29. I was in the same boat as you, I took the plunge and went from an EVGA 7800GT to a EVGA 8800GT , 3dmark06 went from 4096 to 11851 :)

    And COH in DX10 is amazing :)
  30. Yeah - 7800 is a great card that is past it's prime.

    The 7800 I got couldn't handle FEAR at 1680x1050.
  31. It's all personal choice but in my opinion, you did answer your own question in the opening post.

    You don't need to upgrade if you are getting a good experience from the game you are playing.

    Personally, I am upgrading (got an 8800gt on order) to replace my 7800gtx as multiplayer Call of Duty 4 is a bit choppy. Ok, so I can play on lower settings but then it's like a different game. Also winning 1vs1 close quarter battles is more of a lottery with lower fps.

    ** to the person who played the CoD4 demo at max with a 7800gt with no probs - sorry but I find that hard to comprehend - even my card was struggling at the end (bog) scene! Plus, I only play @ 1680x1050 and not 1600x1200 as you are supposedly using. Type in the console /cg_drawfps 1 and let us all know your average fps is please to back up that statement **

    Back to the original poster, upgrade as and when the games you play are not satisfying you. Let the graphics card manufacturers flog their kit to the benchmark lovers instead. If everyone did that, the prices may drop ( not gonna hold my breath though ;) )
  32. There will always be something better, question is are you wanting more performance now why wait? A month ago I needed a newer card BAD, so I purchased the 8800GTX and haven't looked back cause there will alway be something better around the corner.
  33. Don't spend money needlessly. If your current card is fine, then wait until YOU decide that it is just not doing it anymore. After all, GPU's will only get better, and prices will only get better too.

    I see several posts like "oh do it! I upgraded and my new card is so much faster" well duh, no one will argue that an 8800 series card is going to smack the pants off of a 7800 series card. Seriously, some of you guys sound like car salesman. The lady with 4 kids needs a $20,000 minivan, and you all take her straight to the $60,000 Porshe and proclaim "buy this one because it is so much faster!"

    But if you don't need it, you don't need it. Wait until you decide you do, and then get the best you can for the money you have to spend.
  34. Unless your unhappy/unsatisfied, save your cash. From your OP that seems to be pretty nice setup with those settings. Just think of it this way, the longer you wait, the better the performance and the cheaper the price will get. I would stick it out until your not happy with your rig anymore.
  35. Wait until you actually need a better graphic card or starts to play Crysis on full settings.
  36. Quote:
    I wouldnt do it. Your current card is serving you well, get your moneys worth out of it by keeping it for another 6months. Hell Im using a 7600GT still and havent found a game yet I cant play. I will soon though.

    Word, I love my bgf 7600gt, i will maybe get a 8800gt in the new year to match the phenomx4 or core 2 quad im gonna have with my new system.
  37. Truth be known I heard all the hoopla about bioshock only running on high end cards, i have a x2 5600, 2gig memory , and a 7600gt, and it ran great only slowed down once or twice on the demo. I havent been happier with a card since by beloved 9600xt, the 7600gt plays all my emulated games and even newer mame games, so im cool for now, I want to concentrate on more memory 4gb, and quad core, more so than the video card it will be the last on my upgrade list. Btw, I know this isnt the thread for it, but is there a fix to allow 4gb to run on xp pro with sp2, Im also getting another hard drive and installing vista 64 home premium on my next upgrade. But back to the op, I would definanately wait, we geeks are to quick to whip out a charge card and worry about the logic of the upgrade later.
  38. When I found how how crappy my 7800GT did in Oblivion, I quickly replaced it with a X1800XT. Huge difference that allowed me to up the resolution and detail levels, and turn on 2xaa along with HDR with still better framerates in the foliage. It's good to be happy with what you have, but a 7600GT or even 7800GT isn't giving you near the same expereince that some of the better cards will. I often replay favorite games once I get better hardware that allows me to crank the detail levels. Kinda like playing crysis on medium now and then very high in a year or so.
  39. Well I think its the games I'm playing. Currently hooked on TF2 I love it. and its not graphic intensive. I don't have AA turned on. For HL2 its always so dark I don't even notice the details when I'm playing...

    But I will be upgrading after Christmas either SLI 8800GT/Crossfire 3870 or depending on the news of the next gen card. I also switched to a smaller 21 inch down to 1680.

    Side note: I used the money I saved on a trip to Thailand. hahaha
  40. i would like you to help a brotha with that card cuz i have an old card
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