Which is better overall? Intel Core 2 Quad or an AMD Dual Core?

i need to get a high performance machine to run games like Supreme Commander and anything else on at least high settings. and id like the ability to multitask without loosing power.

i've got my eye set on the Q6600 (2.4 ghz Quad)

i can afford that CPU.

how does it perform?
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  1. It performs well.
    For games nearly any CPU will perform well.
    Spend money on the PSU and GPU.
  2. Intel is ahead of AMD right now, but I don't think you'd notice a huge difference between the two unless your encoding or constantly using 100% of the processor. (Also, most applications are just being designed to handle 2 cores, so right now you won't notice a huge difference between 2 and 4 cores) The Q6600 is really popular right now and seems to OC well up to 3.0Ghz+. Of course, just upgrading the CPU won't boost the performance in games unless you have a newer graphics card (8800GT s/x or the 2900)
  3. thanks.

    i do have a XFX 8800 GTS Extreme (not OC'd edition)

    just need to upgrade CPU because i currantly just have a 2.8 single core intel P4.

    and i've heard for supreme Commaner it LOVES quad core processors..meaning it probably runs..shall i say......."Supreme-ly"?

    i need a comp good enough to run it at MAXED settings..so with the Quad core, 4 gig of DDR2 -800 mhz ram, DVD drive, 500 gb 7200rpm HD, and the video card, and i'll probably overclock it to 3.0.

    hows that?
  4. Yeah, your GPU is getting bottlenecked to the performance of a 7800 or lower with that chip. At least, that has been my experience. Upgrade to the Quad and you should see a world of difference in games.

    Also, what PSU are you using? Make sure it can handle all your stuff together.
  5. i'll be using a 500 watt PSU.

    currently on my comp..i've got a 2.8, with 1 gig and a quarter of ram..the video card i mentioned above, and Factory everything else..its a dell.

    how's 500 wat PSUs for good processors?
  6. I hate to say this but even a Q6600 has a hard time running supreme commander, so don't expect blazing speeds. I have this game and a 8800GTS 320mb can not play all the setttings on high smoothly. I overclocked my Q6600 to 3Ghz, and it helped some during late in the game where everyone has 500+units. You also need A LOT of ram. IF you run Windows XP, each program is limited to 2gigs, so even though you may have the maximum supported 4 gigs, Windows XP limits each program to 2gigs. This is a huge problem because when playing on larger maps, the 2gig limit is reached and your computer crashes. This is a very common problem for us Quad people, since people with Quad cpus wants to play big maps with many units. I had to page 4gigs of my fastest HD to satisfy the needs of Supcom, and even with that, it's still crashes on large maps.
  7. but with the quad, 4 gigs of DDR 2 -800 mhz Dual Channel RAM, the video card mentioned and a 7200rpm 500gb HD..its lags?

    what can you do to play it at least on high? mabe not maxed but high? would i need another video card to make it SLI and run great?

    what other things can i do for it?
  8. oh yeah..i'll be running XP Pro on my new machine (currently on XP home)

    should i go to VISTA for Sup com?
  9. Intel Quad is better hands down. Get the Q6600 you wont regret it.
  10. well since im only paying half for the system (my mom is paying the other half..yes im 15 yrs old.)

    i have to convince her why i need such high performance

    do i go to Vista with the power to support the 4 gig of ram? or stick with XP Pro?
  11. I can't say from personal use but people are saying new updates are smoothing out the performance with Vista. I think in the long run you will be better off with Vista so you can utilize more memory and truly play direct x10 games.

    This will be my next move but it will be done as a dual boot. I can't see completely giving up XP anytime soon.
  12. i agree..my dad suggests i get 2 HD and put XP Pro on one and Vista on another so that i could see the difference..

    not sure quite yet..waiting will SP1 comes out..

    with the Systemmax computer i'm buying (comes with the Quad) i get a free update to Windows Vista (32-bit). so i may do that.

    by the way..what's the difference between 32 bit vista and 64 bit vista?
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