P5N32 SLI PLUS Mushkin 2 x 2 gig RAM Issues

I am currently using an ASUS P5N32 SLI PLUS motherboard with 1 2 gig stick of mushkin ram (5-5-5-12).

I bought 2 x 2 gig sticks, but for some reason the board only accepts the one. When I place the 2nd into the board, the computer refused to post and instead lets out a series of bios beeps.

I initially thought that all I needed to do was update the BIOS. I did to version 0805 and it did not help the matter. I tried to switch some of the voltage setting and that didn't do any good either.

Any help on getting this 2nd stick to work with my computer would be great.

Also, PC Probe II is warning me that there is something potentially wrong with my Chassis fan. It is currently at about 925 rpms. Is that too high? Should I look to purchase a better fan? Right now I am just using the stock fan that came with the Cooler Master tower I bought.
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  1. just to clarify to you have the P5N32 SLI Plus or the P5N32-E SLI plus
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