surprise!! core 2 duo e4400 no oc temperature

i have e4400 cpu no overclock... and the temperature was very cool.. my house is about 75 - 80 F. at the idle the cpu cores were temps both temps are 25c. when i play games usually uses 70% of cpu usage. it is only 35c
i forgot the fan model, it is 80mm size, running at 1600rpm
is this can happen?????
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  1. lucky you... those are good temps
  2. That was on your cores? That is impressive, you're right. My e4300 cores with a Golden Orb II cooler stay right at 30 C...

    Isn't this sooooo much better than the Pentium 4 days of idling at at least 40?

    I remember having to clean out my hsf because my P4 was overheating during Counter-Strike
  3. jhyukkang, 77F = 25c, so as you suspect, the Cores should not Idle near 25c when ambient room temp is about 25c, regardless of BIOS settings. Remember there are 2 separate temperatures for C2D's;

    CPU temp - Idles slightly higher than ambient.
    Core temp - Hottest Core Idles 10 to 15c above CPU temp, depending upon Stepping.

    Stepping determines temperature specs.

    Is your E4400 L2 Stepping or M0 Stepping?
    Are you using SpeedFan 4.32 or 4.33 to monitor temps?

    If you're using SpeedFan, then Core temps indicate 15c too low, and simply require "Offsets" to indicate correctly. It is now possible to "Calibrate" your processor temperatures. If you'd like more detailed information on temperatures, check out the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

    Comp :sol:
  4. Yeah what CompuTronix said. You might as well go download coretemp to monitor your temperatures.
  5. i use speed fan 4.33 and i also went into bios and have checked it
    core 1 is usually 27, core 2 is usually 25C
    and i have old laptop from 6 years ago
    i bought that laptop for 3000$ 6years ago.
    it has p4 with 1.8g, 512ram, 40gb hdd, geforce 4
    at the idle that p4 runs at 58C !!!!!
    like in every 7minute, cpu fan runs highest speed and kinda loud
  6. I've heard the 15 degree offset thing for quad cores, but is it true for our lowly Allendales too? Mine is noticeably cooler than my P4 630, and it ran at 40 C constantly. Adding 15 C to each core puts them above that, and adding 15 C to the CPU temp puts it only 1-3 degrees cooler.

    Judging by how much cooler my room is, I can tell you that's not the case.
  7. jhyukkang, if you'd like me to help you sort this out, then I need complete information. Please re-test and fill in the following items - follow the Guide if you're not sure what to do:

    CPU = Idle & Load ???
    Hottest Core = Idle & Load ???

    Ambient = 25c ???
    Chipset = ???
    C2Q / C2D = E4400
    CPU Cooler = ???
    Frequency = Stock @ 2.0 Ghz
    Load = Prime95 Small FFT's - 10 Minutes
    Motherboard = ???
    Stepping = ???
    Vcore = ???

    Evilonigiri, SpeedFan is still the temperature monitoring utility of choice, specifically because it is flexible and configurable, regardless of whether or not it requires Offset corrections for certain Cores. It is never my intention to imply or suggest that Core Temp should be preferred over SpeedFan to monitor temperatures, but I do recommend that Core Temp, CPU-Z and Crystal CPUID be used to cross-check SpeedFan during Calibrations. There are good reasons for this, which are all clearly explained in the Guide.

    Ilander, the +15c Core Offset correction issue for SpeedFan is not confined to Quads only. The +15c Offset correction applies to C2Q's and C2D's which have Core Steppings that specify Tjuntion Max 100c. It is therefore inappropriate to also add a +15c Offset correction to the CPU temp. CPU temperature as well as Core temperatures can be accurately Calibrated using Section 9 in the Guide.

    SpeedFan Beta 4.34 resolves the +15c Offset correction issue, however to download it, users are required to jump through several hoops, which some may find too cumbersome with which to bother. This is why I haven't yet recommended SpeedFan Beta 4.34 in the Guide. When 4.34 is officially released, I will update the Guide at that time to include it. I am currently using Beta 4.34, and my CPU and Cores all Calibrate to zero Offsets.

    Comp :sol:
  8. But I waannnaa SpeedFan 5.0 :oops:. o O (j/k)
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